Starting Health and Safety Consulting

What are the areas that you would like to focus on once you start your health and safety consulting business?

Will this be a business that is in demand and will have profitable gain?

Health and safety is very essential to any business. Consultants are an advantage to any company as they are the ones who provide health and safety procedure or programs to organization for the welfare of the employees and the customers.

Being a health and safety consultant requires training, you need to be skilled on how to manage emergency situation that will occur. Health and safety in the place of work is very vital to any profession.
As a consultant your role is to make sure that the well being of the staff is protected, you will be implementing standard operating procedures, training and continuous improvement for the health and safety of the organization.

You need to be a certified health and safety consultant to the industry that you have chosen as this will be one criteria that companies will be looking for. Creating or writing your own health and safety policy will be a lot of help to you; you will be presenting this to your clients for their approval.

Providing reports is one of your task, make sure that the company has cover their employees under liability insurance incase emergency occurs.

A consultant for health and safety ensures that they will be protecting the people in any way as possible. You need to provide development for the health and safety of the people you are serving.
Easy Step to Start Your Own Health and Safety Consulting Business

  • Select an area in which you will focus on health and safety. Choose what type of work location you would like to provide consultation, where you feel most relaxed to work on, will it be a factory, school, transportation companies, food manufacturing company, restaurants, hotels and many more
  • Study on your marketplace. You may get in touch with organization that is related to your area of consultation. Ask them for their specific requirements for health and safety, and then arrange possible training schedule for their employees.
  • Organization are willing to pay you according to the service that you will render, you may set and arrange contract with them for your consulting service.
  • Once you have organized your target market, you also need to obtain a license and a permit that will allow you to operate your business.
  • You may place your business in a commercial location or in your residential area where you can accommodate your clients for the mean time but it will best if it is place in an area where people may easily have access.
  • Promoting your health and safety business will help you be recognized, you may try online classified ads, social media, giving out brochures.


  • kester Phaladze said on February 8, 2011
    PO BOX 20634, GABORONE, BOTSWANA. Please advise me I want to start a Electrical Safety consulting business. Where and what equipment can I get to use as my training aids during my training (like videos and assessments documents)
  • Charity Kakana said on February 18, 2011
    Where do i start and what do i need to start health and safety consulting. with regards charity
  • phindile mlotshwa said on June 17, 2011
    i have a national diploma of health and safety management .I've just registered my company i want to know if can i be a safety consultant & what industry my diploma allows me to serve ?
  • nontembeko guda said on September 11, 2012
    I have a Diploma in Environmental Health. I would like to register my company as an Environmental Health & Safety Consultant. I just want to know what do i need to have inorder to follow my dream?
  • Glory said on October 21, 2012
    Want to start health and safety consulting business in my area so what do i need to start?
  • sima said on April 22, 2013
    i have a national diploma in safety management and few NOSA certificates, just registered my company but i want to focus on being a safety consultant but how do i go about?
  • felecia said on July 7, 2013
    please help me i want to start a health and safety consultant business in jamaica- i have certification only in food safety but i do have some experience in other area not relating to engineering
  • mabatho said on September 16, 2013
    Hi, i am currently doing Diploma in health and safety management and have samtrac, shemtrac and other nosa certificates, and would like to start a health and safety consulting company, would like to know how do i go about getting all the requirement.
  • Francis said on January 19, 2014
    Hi I would like to start my own health and safety consultant company. I would like to know where to start. Advise please
  • Nathan said on July 19, 2014
    I have been in the construction/mining industries for over 6 six years as a CSO, now it is time that i look into starting my own safety consultant company. Where do i start, how do i go about getting that underway. I have conducted many internal audits for small contracting company's.
  • Tshego said on September 22, 2015
    Hie i hold a diploma in occupational health and safety and i also hold OSHAS 18001 and ISO 9001 certificate. I am looking forward to start my own health and safety company but i dont know what it takes to be such consultant and where exactly do i start?
  • batlang said on November 17, 2015
    Hey I am currently studying international heath AND SAFETY and looking forward to register a company and freelance until my certification so I want to know if it can possible?
  • Jacobus Solomon Rheeders said on November 28, 2015
    First of all my own safety and the safety of all fellow people. By identify risks an hazards manage this risks and hazards. All so to protect environmental. Provide all people with safety to protect them self and families and fellow workers.
  • samuel said on April 7, 2016
    Hi I'm Samuel Shabangu I have a samtrac and other notable courses from nosa currently doing my diploma experience as a safety rep, safety officer and a consultant for many years now. I want to start my own consultancy business but I don't know where to start I've registered a company with tax clearance so I want to know is there a place where I can register further my company before it start working?
  • Keith said on April 25, 2017
    What is the begin stages of beginning a health and safety consulting company? Where do I start? What training do I have to go through?
  • Lorato Mankge said on July 28, 2018
    Hi am currently doing nebosh international diploma in occupational health and safety and wish to know what required for me to start my own health and safety consultant.
  • sphamandla dlamini said on August 7, 2018
    Hi I'm Sphamandla, I have a diploma in operations management, a samtrac and am a qualified assessor, I've also done she rep course and other safety-related courses from Nosa and would like to know what I can do or what other credentials are necessary for me to be able to start a consulting business providing safety training to the general public/small businesses
  • Rams said on October 23, 2018
    Hi Sphamandla, register with SAIOSH. Whatsapp me for safety file templates if you need then. 0614046866
  • angela masweu said on October 8, 2020
    hello, I want to start a health and safety consultancy company. how do I go about and what are the necessary steps to take? already I have a diploma in health and safety and environmental law.
  • Joseph Ntuli said on May 26, 2022
    Hi, I have been a registered safety officer (SACPCMP)since 2016 and have worked as a safety officer for a big construction company since 2011. I registered my company in 2020, and I want to focus on building construction sites and the food market because I have done some courses in food safety. Please, what are the necessary steps to take?


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