Drafting Office Health and Safety Policy

Good Company and business policies are essential in making a successful business. These policies are best created upon the initial planning stages of the company.

Through the course of time one may make certain alterations and developments upon the policy in accordance to the situations or issues that the business has encountered.

The drafting of the health and safety policy should therefore imply the awareness, maintenance and promotion of good health concerns. All people concerned need to be duly responsible for their own health. If the manner of work that the business puts them through is in anyway harmful to their overall health then this must be assessed immediately. The company therefore has the right to demand initial health concerns that its employees are facing, so as to assess to their needs accordingly. It is prohibited to misuse any tool, instrument, stocks or equipment that is the sole property of the company. To interfere with these policies therefore voids the company of any right or responsibility to the health concerns of the employee as a result of the misuse of these items. These are very important factors that must be stressed in order to alert all your employees. It is also one that must be agreed upon and therefore stated in a contract.

The full cooperation of everyone involved in the business is very important. The policy serves as merely a backbone of rules and regulations that need to be followed. It is of course in the people’s hands whether to follow it or not. In the office environment there is not really as much exposure to certain dangers as compared to other types of professions. This is why it is important to make a clear risk assessment of the area and the environment. Create a range wherein these policies are applicable and where the company may be liable for the health and safety of its employees.

In the workplace these policies must be stressed by the supervisors and superiors in order to guide subordinates and trainees. Clearly people in these types of positions are more prone to certain hazards than those that are well aware and used to the overall business environment. This is why it is important to stress the requirements to follow and observe instructions, also to stress that these are implemented for a reason that is to ensure the safety of the employee.

The health and safety policy should also include procedures in response to certain hazards and calamities such as fire. An escape plan and SOP should be stated and trained to all employees. Drills should be practiced and everyone should be shown the proper ways in which to handle the situation. In case of accidents, first aid training is beneficial to everyone regardless of their position in the workplace. There must be points in the area that contain first aid kits and emergency equipment and these should be in clear public eye and reach. Housekeeping should also be considered since it is usually in untidy and messy areas where people are prone to health hazards and accidents. The workplace must therefore be kept as pristine and tidy as possible for the benefit of everyone there.

Accidents and falls are eminent in any workplace. That is why first aid equipment should be readily available. If the office area has certain equipment that has the probability of malfunctioning then this should also be assessed as a health hazard and have available the necessary equipment needed to assess to this. Electrical equipment and tools should also have their own electrical safety policies.

In totality the office area should abide by the laws intended upon construction and maintenance of the building. There are annual inspections by safety officers that are conducted on businesses and it is important to meet to all the requirements of the quality workplace. Review the area, the reports and all the information gathered from professionals and employees to ensure that your health and safety policy protects both the company and its corresponding employees.

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  • sentamu jude said on April 10, 2013
    i want to start a health and safety company in uganda but in an e format basically what can i do to start such a business


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