Part Time Business Ideas with Low Investment

The legendary Warren Buffet said once, never settle on one income source. With the time, always have a secondary source of income. People these days do not only rely on their job for their income. With the advancement of technology, many of them engage in businesses as well.

Through part time business ideas with low investment, the interest of those who want to start a business are met along with their full-time work.

part time business ideas with low investment

Starting a small business with part time business ideas with low investment is an important consideration among people. The process of choosing is likewise difficult especially if one is new to this business venture and if they are working for full time. In making the process simple and easy, here are some of the best part time business ideas with low investment that you should never miss to try.

Yoga Teacher

One who has the passion and skill in yoga can turn into a part time business by providing yoga trainings. If one is willing to place effort and time right after going out to work to be a certified professional yoga teacher, one can therefore teach yoga classes every after work.  This is one way to obtain a huge amount of income these days as most people turn to yoga classes to overcome stress and other pains of their body.  There is no need to spend a huge amount of money in this type of business just as a home can already be considered as a yoga class venue.

House Cleaning

If one is a full time worker on weekdays, he/she can also use his or her weekends to offer house cleaning services. This is a good part time business idea at low investment that could give huge income later on. The only thing required is to purchase the best cleaning equipment and tools to use when cleaning the house area.

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Pet Care

For those who are good with different animals, a pet care business is an essential thing to start with. This is also possible to do with your full-time job. Pet owners will gain such a level of confidence and peace of mind once they get an idea that their pets are properly taken care of.

If one is busy working on weekdays, this part time business idea can also be carried out during weekends.  This is not a difficult business just like what others think it could be. This is rather one of the most exciting business ideas to ever have.


This is a part time business wherein one can earn a huge amount of money. Since this is only done on a part time basis, this can just be offered after work or even during the free time. As a handyman service provider, one needs to invest with the best tools to use during the repair and other handyman services. As per the tools, these are quite affordable that means to say this is a business idea that can be started with a low investment.

Cab Driving

With the rise of UBER and lyft one can easily use his/her own car as a cab and make some extra money. People claimed to run their family with a full-time driving job with UBER so it is definitely a potential side business to explore that requires almost no extra money to start.

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