Crazy Business Ideas that Worked

List of Unusual Business Ideas that Work

Lots of people don’t think their crazy business ideas might work, but there are actually some that do. In the past few years, despite the recession and more people losing their job, people are still as creative and crazy in their business ideas.

It’s just that consumers are always looking for something new and strange and that’s exactly what entrepreneurs went and did. Here are some of those crazy business ideas that actually worked. These in fact have also become a huge success.

  • Doggles: Dog accessories of the next level. Eyewear, goggles, especially made for dogs with practical value.
  • Excused Absence: Need authentic looking excuse letters to miss school or work? Someone created the ‘excused absence network’ to offer you excuse note for only $25 each.
  • Personalized Santa Mail: Con Milller, who lived near a trading post called the North Pole, started a family business, Santa House, a Christmas shop and sends personalized Santa letters to children.

These are only a few of the crazy and very creative business ideas that people have come up with. What’s needed here is that you have confidence to try something new. Who knows? It might just click and become a huge success.

  • Best Ways to Make Money from Podcast
    Podcasting had already been around for several years but it still continues to hit today's mainstream. This only means to say that it brings such a great opportunity for all those who want to start with their own podcast, build audience and make money from it.

  • Top 5 Ways to Make Money from an Acre of Land
    Many people on earth with some land in hand doesn't know what to do and how to make some money from it. Do you have any land in your possession? If you have, then read my advice here to make some extra money.

  • How do Destination Management Companies Make Money?
    Destination management companies provide destination knowledge and handle all ground services that include accommodation, transfers, venues, restaurants, activities and logistics that enable them to make money. Lifetime experiences are also brought to clients for their guaranteed satisfaction which is also a one way that money is being made.

  • How to Start a Granite Countertops Business?
    A granite countertops business is a good business venture to engage in for as long as one knows all the essentials. Commitment and dedication is a must to run a business. Also, a few significant factors are essential to be kept in mind when starting a business.

  • How to set up a Battery Manufacturing Plant?
    In setting up a battery manufacturing plant, it necessarily requires having technological and business expertise. In creating a well-rounded staff, specific manufacturing and productive office processes and focusing on differentiating oneself from the competition, it is thereby easier carving out the fair share of the battery market.

  • How to Invest in Beach Rental Property?
    If you want to combine the love of money with relaxation and fun, it is worth considering investing in beach rental property. The opportunities are limitless like earning money on rentals and gaining such a cozy and comfortable vacation spot.

  • Starting a Turf Management Business
    A turf management business is a good business venture to consider among those people interested in it. Only a few significant factors such as knowledge, expertise and more must be considered. Turf is actually associated with indoor doormats and sports venues.

  • Starting a Glass and Glazing Business
    A glass and glazing business is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs especially if they separate themselves from the competition. Experience and organizational skill are somehow needed in establishing a shop and in making it a satisfying business venture.

  • How to Make a Living Selling at Flea Markets?
    Flea markets are a good place to make a living by selling a variety of items, antiques and a whole lot more. These are a type of market that can really be a great source of money. A strategic plan and all other essential items are needed for this selling opportunity.

  • Starting a Firearms Training Business
    A firearms training business is a good business venture to start on among interested people. Millions of people are interested in taking a defense class in protecting and safeguarding themselves. The interest in using guns and attending classes to become more educated on the safe and proper way of using them is a big push to those who want to start this business.

  • Steps to Setup a Plastic Welding Business
    A plastic welding business is quite a tough business venture to take. Nevertheless, many who have the interest and passion in it decide to start it as well. Only a few important factors need to be considered for it to thrive successfully until the very end.

  • Part Time Business Ideas with Low Investment
    The legendary Warren Buffet said once, never settle on one income source. With the time, always have a secondary source of income. People these days do not only rely on their job for their income. With the advancement of technology, many of them engage in businesses as well.

  • How to Start a Primitive Campground?
    A campground could actually be made simple just like a primitive backcountry area, a paved road with pads intended for recreational vehicles. A primitive background does not require more sites and a bathhouse. In the start of a primitive campground, certain guidelines need to be followed to meet one’s needs.

  • How to Start a Child Support Collection Business?
    A child support collection business is a good path to take towards a secure and good financial future. The tenacity and creativity of an owner are required for it to become successful. Nevertheless, a few important things need to be kept in mind for the business to be developed successfully.

  • How to Start Stuffed Animal Greetings Business?
    A stuffed animal greetings business is one of the most difficult things to do especially for a beginner in this business venture. A lot of things also need to be considered like a business license, locations where to put up the business, materials needed in marketing and promoting it to the public.

  • Starting a Helicopter Training Business
    A helicopter training business is a serious undertaking because of the costs that are usually involved. A lot of factors need to be considered such as the credit score, payment history and existing balances. The insight and experience into the flight school industry could also help prior to a helicopter training business startup.

  • Starting a Cross-Stitch Retail Business
    Owning a cross-stitch retail business is a dream that is shared by many. Actually, a huge amount of dollars is obtained from this business for as long as the skills and abilities are combined by a marketer.

  • Starting a Granite Fabrication Shop
    Granite has long been a material popularly used by remodeling markets and residential construction industries. This is also used for bath vanities and kitchen countertops, in most office buildings and hotels.

  • How to Open a Carpet Shop?
    Homes, offices and retails usually use carpet in adding up warmth to their spaces making attractive carpets in demand. With the changing world everybody wants more cozy place to work and live, hence the demand of carpet is increasing every year.

  • Starting a Newsprint Recycling Business
    A newsprint recycling business is a good business undertaking because of the huge demand of people on protecting and safeguarding the environment and conserving natural/mineral sources. Huge returns are also expected from the business, if significant factors are paid attention to.

  • Starting an Insurance Adjuster Business
    An insurance adjuster business is a low start-up cost business that interested people can engage in following the tasks of investigating the insurance claims filed due to property damage or accidents on behalf of the company that presents the assessment. In becoming successful in this business, a few of the important things are usually required.

  • Starting an Employment Service Business
    Employment service businesses are especially designed to help ideally match companies with job openings with qualified and available employees. Also referred as staffing company, this particular type of business support majority of industries and can even be found both in large cities and small towns.

  • Starting a Vehicle Consignment Business
    There are car owners who will rather have their cars sold themselves on the social networking sites like Facebook wherein they can easily find a prospect buyer. On the other hand, some other car owners will rather not deal with the process anymore as they entrust the sale to a vehicle consignment business.

  • Starting your own Teleservices Business
    A lot of entrepreneurs today are interested in starting teleservices business due to the huge demands of businesses for an answering service. But before embarking on this journey, establishing a goal and considering a few things in mind is necessary to reap off successful results in time.

  • Starting Large Format Printing Business
    A large format printing business continues to pop everywhere making it a good idea to start this kind of business. For the most promising results after, a few of the significant factors need to be considered and combined by owners.

  • Running a Jamberry Business
    When jamberry business was launched, many individuals have shown interest in starting and running their own jamberry business. You are probably aware about the tight competition in this particular field of business and somewhat hesitant to get started due to your fear of not making things work.

  • Setting Up a Rehearsal Studio Business
    A rehearsal studio business is such a good business opportunity for music lovers because professional and amateur bands have a huge demand for rehearsal space. With the massive demand from clients like hobby musicians, church bands and choirs, this business could boom in the long run if essential things are first met.

  • Starting an Information Research Business
    An information research business is providing a consulting service to people who want to attain information with regards to topics. The research consultant will gather information from credible source, and thereby, providing an analysis on his findings. This business will also be able to interpret the data from clients.

  • Starting a Firearms Fabrication Business
    For you to start your firearms fabrication business, you need to get a firearms fabrication business license. Acquiring this type of license is not as hard as you imagine. While the important paperwork may seem nerve-wracking, the results are well worth your time and effort.

  • Building Trust in Business
    Are there limitation in trusting someone within a business? Or do you have to be just civil with people you are working with?

  • Copper Repiping Cost
    If you want to replace your old galvanized pipes, you can opt for copper repiping. This is a task for professionals and you should be aware that there is no definite cost for it.

  • How to Make eBook Cover
    If you want to start writing eBooks, you have to make sure that you provide valuable content.

  • How to Start a Tanning Salon Business
    If you want to start a tanning salon business, you have to begin with a comprehensive plan. The business plan can be used to secure funding for the startup or working capital.

  • Drafting Office Health and Safety Policy
    Good Company and business policies are essential in making a successful business. These policies are best created upon the initial planning stages of the company.

  • Drafting Store Refund Policy
    The drafting of policies is a practice that is best initiated in the early stages of the business, at times even before the actual set up of the business.

  • Buying Boat Hauling Trailer
    If you want to buy a boat hauling trailer, you will have to pick between new or used hauling trailer. You can use the internet to find the best deals. Before you start shopping around, you will have to establish a budget and stick to it.

  • Dental Practice Valuation
    Whether you’re a dentist or client who wishes to have the dental practice evaluated, you will have to look for a professional. There are certain approaches that should be used and factors to be considered.

  • Finding Home Builder Contractors
    If you’re planning to build a new home, you will have to begin your search for the best home builder contractor in your area. You can use the internet to start your search.

  • Finding Discount Restaurant Gift Certificate
    If you are always eating out with family and friends, you can get a lot of discounts if you avail of the right gift certificates.

  • How to Start Matte Finishing Business
    If you want to start matte finishing business, you will have to choose a specialty. The matte finish is applicable for paint application, paper, and photographs. For now, you will concentrate on painting projects with matte finishing.

  • Brand Identity Development
    If you want to choose the right brand for your business, you should know more about the brand identity development. This is a complicated aspect and you have to know the factors affecting the marketplace and the latest trends.

  • B2B Lead Generation
    B2B or business to business marketing is a form of direct marketing that mainly utilizes outbound calling to campaign organizations. It is a marketing firm that will generate leads—new prospects that will benefit from your products and services.

  • Lead Generation for the Complex Sale
    If you want to increase or get better leads, you will need to read the Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. This book is the key to remaining competitive in the market.

  • Best Sales Training Techniques
    If you want to learn about the best sales training techniques, you can make use of the info below. This is your chance to train your salespeople with ease.

  • How to Generate Mortgage Leads
    Nowadays people are looking more and more into effective ways to generate mortgage leads, not just any leads though but good and reliable prospects, those that are in great need of filing for mortgage.

  • Buying a Display Mannequin
    Mannequins are what attract people to your store since they display your feature items, therefore the selection of which has to be given much thought to ensure traffic to your business.

  • Adding a Second Story to a House
    If you want to add a second story to a house, careful planning is needed. As years pass, the homeowner may decide to expand the home.

  • How to Type a Business Letter
    How to type or write a business letter can easily be learned, all you have to do is look for the right ways to do it.

  • Buying All in One Labor Law Poster
    Though labor law varies from state to state or country to country, one thing remains unchanged and that is the need for any company to make their employees aware of their rights.