Crazy Business Ideas that Worked

List of Unusual Business Ideas that Work

Lots of people don’t think their crazy business ideas might work, but there are actually some that do. In the past few years, despite the recession and more people losing their job, people are still as creative and crazy in their business ideas.

It’s just that consumers are always looking for something new and strange and that’s exactly what entrepreneurs went and did. Here are some of those crazy business ideas that actually worked. These in fact have also become a huge success.

  • Doggles: Dog accessories of the next level. Eyewear, goggles, especially made for dogs with practical value.
  • Excused Absence: Need authentic looking excuse letters to miss school or work? Someone created the ‘excused absence network’ to offer you excuse note for only $25 each.
  • Personalized Santa Mail: Con Milller, who lived near a trading post called the North Pole, started a family business, Santa House, a Christmas shop and sends personalized Santa letters to children.

These are only a few of the crazy and very creative business ideas that people have come up with. What’s needed here is that you have confidence to try something new. Who knows? It might just click and become a huge success.