Building Trust in Business

Are there limitation in trusting someone within a business? Or do you have to be just civil with people you are working with?

How do you truly build trust in a business relationship?

Building trust and being trustworthy in an organization is very important. They say that trust does not work overnight, it takes time, and you need to prove that you are trustworthy. Establishing trust may take time, and a person can destroy it in just a moment.

If trust will be abuse it will have an effect in the organization and the people within. How do we really measure trust?
Ways to Build Trust in Business

Being Open. Trusting is a matter of being open to suggestion, comments or feedback, whether it may be from your superior or a colleague. This is the ability of sharing your thoughts and views to others with confidence, this may be very challenging but it will help you build a better relationship with others. Being open is also providing encouragement for others to develop. Giving feedback may sometimes be very difficult to do but as long as honesty is there, it will help you. It is not advisable for you talk behind their back.

Being Reliable. Keeping our words is an important factor of building trust in a business. It may be a return call that was promised which was not done may affect our reliability. Reporting for work on time is being reliable, meeting your deadline is also being reliable, and doing your job efficiently is being reliable. What ever you say or do, you must bear in mind that there are other people who is looking at you, setting an example of being reliable will help you build their trust. There are times that people will confide things to you, make sure you keep it to yourself and you will build trust

Being Competent. One of the factors that build trust is to be competent, it is your ability of meeting the expectation of the company and the skill of being effective as an individual. This may be a task that is assigned to you in which you are expected to get the job well done. If you are competent people will always like to deal with you.

Being Fair. Fairness has a big effect in any business. You have to equally treat every body in the same level no favorites, whether it be an employee or a customer. Some tend to give more attention than the usual if they are dealing with their favorites, and this will not b a good business habit, this will lessen their trust in you.
If you are trusted, you will always have better opportunities, people will continue business with you and you will not only gain trust but you will be respected by others.


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