How to Type a Business Letter

How to type or write a business letter can easily be learned, all you have to do is look for the right ways to do it.

Today, you can communicate via text, email, chat or talk in a way that we want it, no formality in it. But of course, this is not the same when writing a business letter.

If you have to communicate with a company, business letter format plays a vital role in communicating formally and properly. Writing business letter is not the same as writing to your family, loved ones and friends. A business letter should be formal and properly written.

In doing a business letter, you have to type the letter using a word processor, you have to take note that business letters are not hand written.

When writing a business letter, you have to make use of your very own letterhead. You have to use formal, 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch stationery with a matching envelope if you do not have a letterhead. Take note, do not use a note cards which you bought from stores.

You have to include your address and the address of the recipient on your business letter. Start it with your address also the date in the upper left corner. When typing the date, it should be two to six lines down from the letterhead or return address.

Of course, you have to select your alignment, it can be left aligned or justified on both sides.

The inside address should be four to seven spaces below the heading, this would be the recipient’s address. First, put the name of the recipient, followed by the title, then the work address. In typing the recipient’s name, start with Mr. or Ms.

You have to skip two to four lines to start of a greeting. Your greeting should appear like this, "Dear Mr. Parker:". You have to always close it with a colon.

The next thing that you need to do is skip two more lines and start with the body of your letter. You have to start it with introducing yourself in the first paragraph. Or, you can start it with why you are writing to him/her or to the company.

Followed by, the information that the recipient would need. You have to end your letter on what you will do or what the recipient needs to do. In creating business letter, you have to be formal, brief and firm as possible.

You have to skip two lines and close it with phrases or word such as Yours truly, Sincerely, Thank you, which is followed with a comma.You have to put your signature in it, it should be hand written and below it is your typed name.

You must know how to properly write a business letter in order for you to easily communicate with a company. You have to take time to learn how to write a business letter and make use of it when needed.

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    i want to work in the commerce company and i need a letter work.thanks


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