Tips on Employee Reference Check

If you want to check references provided by potential applicants, you can make use of the tips below. Whenever applicants provide references, you have to check them.

Have the applicant sign the release form to allow you to conduct in-depth background checks. This is necessary to avoid possible lawsuits in the future.

Tips on Employee Reference Check

In some businesses especially the large ones, hiring employees is a must. If you need to hire employees for your business, you can make use of these tips on employee reference check. Establish a hiring process and the qualifications for each job title. Some applicants tend to forget their references while others misrepresent their credentials and backgrounds. Even if the applicant is of good character, you can get details by asking for the references. This is a lengthy process but it’s worth the effort, time, and cost. Through checking, you can determine if an applicant is unfit for the job.

You can use these tips when hiring applicants. You have to inform the applicants that you will checking the references they’ve provided before making the final decision. Even if the applicant performs well during the interview, you should never skip this aspect. A release form should be signed by each applicant that allows you to ask references some detailed questions. In that form, you should state that the applicant can’t sue you just in case you find any information that is extremely valuable for your hiring decision. You can consult your lawyer about the release form. Without the form, you will only gather little information about the applicant like position, pay rate, and employment dates.

More Tips

You will need to fax a copy of the release form and your business credentials to the references provided by the applicant. Some employers hesitate to provide negative info about a certain employee because they don’t want to be sued but with the release form, you can get favorable results. In some states, the employers who give comments about a certain employee are also considered qualifiedly privileged. You have to verify all information provided by the applicant and when there is something wrong, the applicant must be hiding something.

You have to be specific when asking questions to the references. At times, past employers give half-hearted praises and if this is the case, you can ask a follow-up question if they would hire the employee once more. If the answer is not satisfactory, you don’t need to hire the applicant. To verify the salary figures, you have to ask for a copy of the pay stub. There are online tools that you can use to conduct background checks. Some tools are free but it’s better to invest on paid services. Make sure that you check the references at all times. You will surely thank your efforts in doing the checks and verifications in the long run.

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