Employee Appreciation Week Ideas

If you want to show appreciation to your employees, you will need to conduct an employee appreciation week using these great ideas.

There are many things to do like holding a breakfast or luncheon with the employees, giving simple tokens of appreciation, and many others. Use the appropriate ideas and you will keep your employees motivated.

Employee Appreciation Week Ideas for Good Employers

As an employer, you will have to show your appreciation for your employees from time to time. In fact, it would really help a lot if you designate an employee appreciation week so that you and your employees can have a great time. This will surely lead to enhanced production and performance output since the employees are motivated. If you have hard working employees, you will have to reward them but you don’t need to spend a huge sum of money. You can make use of the creative ideas below so that you can show appreciation to your employees.

Since you’re going to show appreciation to your employees for an entire week, you will have to pick an ideal date. You can do it during Halloween season or perhaps during Thanksgiving, or Saint Patrick’s Day. You need to prepare the activities in advance so that you can surprise your employees. A week before the employee appreciation week, you can already announce about the activity. To make sure that the employees keep track of the activities, you can give them a week-long program. This will truly make your employees anticipate for the week to come and you will notice an increase in their production output.

The Plan

Start the week with a breakfast session with all your employees. You will need to provide great food and you can give simple presents like pens, mirrors, chocolate bar, etc. You can have a lot of fun during breakfast. For the whole week, you can send out appreciation notes for every department, you can conduct games like scavenger hunts and many others as long as the employees are having a lot of fun. If you hold the celebration during Halloween, you can hold a costume party on the last day of the appreciation week or perhaps you can just have a luncheon meeting with all your employees.

There are many ways to show appreciation. Take your time in acknowledging the hard work of your employees. When giving promotions, you can send a promotion gift like company pens, clocks, or anything that your employee can use at work. These simple items will remind your employees how much you care and in turn, they will also care for your business. The gifts don’t need to be costly and in fact, you can create them yourself. Prepare for the employee appreciation week and make sure that everyone will take part in the occasion. This is your chance to mingle and get to know your employees more.


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