How to Start a Bicycle Performance Shop

Good equipment can turn an average bike ride into a great one. So if you’re thinking abut a profitable business, how about your own Bicycle Performance Shop? Starting this shop is easy.

You will learn here how to differentiate a purchase from a shop and department store and find out the steps in starting a bike performance shop of your own.

Consumers have proven that purchasing a bike from a shop is better than a department store. Though it is cheaper to buy bikes in department stores, they don’t have the service, quality, and full knowledge of the product.

There are a lot of brands and types of bikes. If you do your research, you can determine the bicycle needs of the public such as mountain bikes, racing bikes, or off-road bikes. There are men’s and women’s models, as well s for kids too. The difference can be found in comfort, for example, women’s bikes have a reduced stretch in between the handlebars and the seat as well as between the handles and the gear shift.

Bicycle Performance Shop Business Guide

The most popular bicycle shop in the nation is called Bicycle Performance Shop. Their products include recreational and mountain bicycles, sports nutrition and road bicycles, electronics, and cycling apparel. You can start your own Bicycle Performance Shop as well. Just purchase some of their products by volume discount and then sell the same items in your shop.

Just make sure that you get various types of bikes. There are many styles and frames to consider as well such as steel frames, aluminum frames, carbon fiber, or titanium. It’s important to test the bikes before every purchase so that you can also assist your buyers on their questions as well.

Bicycle Performance Shop Business Plan

Your Bicycle Performance Shop will survive against the trying economy and competition when you follow these steps:

  • Create a business plan – make sure your plan addresses the local competition and the biking infrastructure in your city.
  • Rent a retail space – this should be sufficient enough to hold supplies, accessories, and of course, bicycles.
  • Focus on creative window displays – high end products should be displayed up front to encourage bikers to stop and check out what’s new.
  • Choose operation hours – maximize your selling power by choosing the best hours of operation such as early afternoon to late night for weekdays and early morning to late afternoon for weekends.
  • Join NBDA – National Bicycle Dealers Association can give you good business advice and extensive research.
  • Arrange regular shipments of bicycles from Bicycle Performance Shop – monthly shipments will ensure that your shop would have inventory the whole year round.
  • Advertise and market your bike shop – join organizations of outdoor enthusiasts and develop a good promotional campaign for your shop.

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