Starting a Grocery Store Business

This article briefly discusses the grocery store business. Find out some of the things you need to know in order to start your own grocery store business.

The grocery store concept, which is a descendant of the turn of the century general store, belongs to the retail industry.

grocery store business

The retail industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today and is considered a vital part of our economy. The chief purpose of this industry is to provide goods and merchandise to consumers. They get their products straight from the manufacturer or via a wholesaler or distributor. Ultimately, these products are sold to customers for consumption.

These goods are vast and varied. Retailers may sell anything and everything from food to apparel to electronics and so on. A grocery store for the most part offers food (both fresh and dry) and other household essentials.

Starting a grocery store business may pose a challenge if you are not equipped with the proper information. The business has several aspects that you need to focus on and study if you want your efforts to yield results.

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Begin with yourself. You don’t need to have prior retailing experience. All you need is the right attitude and the ‘customer-first mindset. An effective grocery store owner knows how to multitask. He is able to make swift yet calculated decisions. He is hardworking and is not afraid to work long hours.

Planning is essential as you begin to stock up your store. This keeps you from buying items that at first may seem like a good idea until you notice that they’re just gathering dust on the shelves. Unless you have the experience to back you up, there is no way you can be 100% correct in your inventory forecasting that is why you need to plan and at the very least conduct market research.

With adequate planning and research, you will be able to determine what you need to buy and how much. If need be, conduct a survey. You can also ask the manufacturers themselves for their most popular product. Be keen though for they may not always give you a straight answer.

Exercise diligence in scouting for the best possible resource for your products. See to it that you get the lowest deal thereby allowing you to give the best markup price.

Enticing your shoppers with the products you have on hand is difficult if you have limited space. Therefore, you need to be crafty. Make sure that impulse items (magazines, sweets, etc) and high-priced items are allocated in an area within your store where there is heavy customer traffic.

See to it that your fast-moving products (milk, bread, etc) are displayed near the back of the store space. The idea here is, your shoppers will have to pass through several aisles of products they may not have considered buying had they not seen them.

A final note. In light of the number of grocery stores and supermarkets out there, is there room for more? Most definitely! The key is to create your own market niche. To do this, you need to have a unique selling point. You may want to sell hard-to-find premium products that most supermarkets don’t have in stock. Use your creativity. Think of a distinct concept that is entirely yours. Or you can improve on what’s already out there. The key is to offer something that customers cannot get anywhere else.

Watch this Video for Doing Research Work to Start Your Own Grocery Store

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  • Admin said on April 18, 2008
    [Shivan]: Many factors are involved in starting a grocery store. You have to prepare and answer a set of questions before you approach anyone for a business plan. I can only write down a few for you to start with, but the thumb rule is more homework, never start a business without homework. Remember, no contractor can produce a business plan without getting an answer to these questions.
    1. What kind of grocery store? (Indian, Chinese, mexican grocery store)
    2. Where do you want to start it?
    3. Will it be a franchised one or your brand?
    4. Do you won a place where you want to start this grocery store?
    5. Will you hire or run yourself?
  • KBG said on April 19, 2008
    Thanks, Shivan; you and I are on the same track. I want to do my homework; I would like to have a community market, I have my site on a location, and it was once a market. It is currently empty; I have been looking for more information about starting up a call, this won't be a franchise; too small. More of a community market with essential goods and produce. Any suggestions?
  • JT said on April 21, 2008
    I've also been searching for more information about opening a new grocery store?loans, start-up costs, location research, etc. After 6 Months, I still have issues locating the information required, most grocery stores now are operated by big businesses, and they are not willing to share any information. I want to open a small family business. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • TBW said on April 26, 2008
    I have a location; it was a grocery store before. How do I determine the start-up costs? Is there grant money available for this? How would I go about obtaining a loan with F grade credit? I went through a lousy divorce & currently disabled, hence the bad credit rating. There is a need in this area. I need to know how much money is required to get started.
  • Quan beginner adviser said on June 9, 2008
    Hi everyone, I'm soon opening a grocery store near my house. And I'm just like everyone here looking for information, and I have collected some tips; I hope these tips will help.

    Things you need to do before opening a grocery store:
    - Know how much money you have and need to open a store. (I found a small place for rent with $300/month, deposit for three months: $900; I need a cash register:$150-$200; a small refrigerator: $800-$1000; shelves: $100up; and a license for $200up, so total for start-up cost is: $2500-$3000, and I didn't calculate the money you need for buying products for sale, it's up to you for how many and how much you want to sell)

    - If you find a place, negotiate with the owner and get the deal done. Ask them to give you a week or two free to clean and prepare the area before moving in.

    - To apply for your license in your state. Call the Health department and Fire department to inspect the store.

    - Set up the store, buy products at wholesale prices (you have to search for wholesale dealers in your area and negotiate the prices), stock up your products and prepare for grand opening day.

    - Last, remember to at your customers. I wish everyone the best in opening their stores. By the way, my total cost for opening my small grocery store was about $6000.
  • Andy said on July 11, 2008
    Ya, the above solutions are helpful, but not enough at all. The most thing is that operating cost means how much the annual fee is. That includes insurance for the store, yearly tax, and mortgage. So do you have any idea about this? Please share your thoughts. That might be helpful to someone. Thanks
  • daisy said on August 24, 2008
    Hi everyone, I also want to open a grocery store in Upper Darby. Please, if anybody directs me to start, I need some information too.
  • dave said on August 30, 2008
    Hi Joni - how can I contact you? - I would like to email you for little information I need to get straight. You are an email address is Thanks, and good luck to everyone
  • Trischa said on October 1, 2008
    Hi Joni, I'm interested in learning more about grocery store management. I'm looking at starting a specialty organic food store, and any help would be appreciated. My email is
  • Tony said on October 6, 2008
    I have found a place for 5000SF, but I do not know how to get an estimate on setting up to see if I have enough funds to run the business or if I need to find a smaller place. And where to find a contractor to buy and set refrigerators up. Please help!
  • Tony said on October 9, 2008
    Hi Joni, I have started negotiating the lease. Can you advise me? I need help; I am new and do not know where to get refrigerators or how to hire a contractor to do the installation. My email address is Thanks.
  • ugyen said on October 10, 2008
    It is helpful to me, but I still want detail about how to start a grocery shop & bar. My email address is
  • kelvin said on October 16, 2008
    I'm Zambia needing to start up a grocery store. Can we all network and help in ideas exchange and opportunity sharing? good luck
  • delphian said on October 29, 2008
    I want to start an organic grocery store. Like regular grocery stores, many organic stores stock other companies' items, but Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Wild Oats make their own store products. Would I need to own a farm to run my business, or could I stock items and start my brand once I have the capital?
  • Kris said on October 31, 2008
    @Quan, you have given some good information. Which state are you opening your grocery? Why I ask is that the lease seems to be very low! How many sqr feet to go with? How do I find local wholesale dealers/distributors? I am planning one in northern cal.
  • Avi B said on November 4, 2008
    Hey, Joni would love the opportunity to ask you some questions. If anybody else can help, my email is, and I am interested in opening an upscale fruit and veg store. Thanks
  • sam said on November 6, 2008
    Hey everyone, what's going on? I dream of opening a grocery store, but the only thing that concerns me is how much everything will cost if I rent an empty store meaning nothing there. I will have to put in fridges, shelves, ECG, and a grill. What do I need, and how much will I rent the place out and start basic I have a limit of 10000 that will cover the merchandise and the equipment. Is that possible or just far fetch? Thanks, everyone hoping someone can help me out with the info.
  • Gerry D said on November 9, 2008
    I also want to open my grocery store. The only difference is that all my products will come from local farmers. I am doing surveys to see what upsets people as they shop at other grocery stores. A Lot of people have commented that they wanna see more produce grown by local farmers. I think this will work. If anyone else has ideas or suggestions, please forward them to me.
  • Lisa said on November 12, 2008
    Hi everyone! I, too, would like to open my grocery store. I have the ideas, and maybe Joni, and fellow entrepreneurs, if you have time, can answer some business questions.
  • Toby said on November 15, 2008
    Joni, I am a meat cutter and have a few years in the grocery store and would love to start my local grocery store where almost everything is local... any ideas on start-up costs and how to go about it? My e-mail is It would be great if you or anyone else could e-mail me and give me your ideas. Thanks
  • apcowboy said on November 18, 2008
    For those starting up a grocery store that would sell me, you may want to check out this site for information on meat,
  • Kate said on November 19, 2008
    Hi Jony, I, too, want to open a local grocery store in combination with a dollar store. My e-mail is Please email me so I can gather vital info from you and anyone else who would like to share some knowledge...THANKS!!
  • Jeanie said on November 20, 2008
    Very interested in knowing about the profit margins I would be working with if I opened an organic market. I'd love any input! Feel free to email me.
  • Namita said on December 4, 2008
    Hi, I am a student researching Indian grocery stores. I wondered if anyone could provide information about where wholesale goods are brought from, how licenses are procured, what kind of customer base is developed, etc. Thanks
  • sherilyn said on December 5, 2008
    Hi, My husband and I are in the beginning stage of opening a discount grocery store in s.c. Any advice on how to start? Thanks,
  • swarna said on December 15, 2008
    I am very much interested in starting a grocery shop, but the thing is, where can I get goods, a billing machine? How would I arrange all these things? Where can I get a license for this? I need all this info.
  • SOUTHERN-SUN said on January 1, 2009
    Hello, I want to know how to begin establishing a grocery business. Thank you. I certainly do look forward to hearing from you. Please email me at
  • raylott said on January 4, 2009
    Hello, I want to open a grocery store in my small town. The city already has a tiny store, but it is pretty old and run down. I want to buy a strip of land on the main highway running through town. I will have to build the building. Thinking maybe a general steel building. My family and I have a garden with all the vegetables you could imagine. We have a summer crop, a winter crop, and a spring crop. These things range from corn, okra, squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc... Winter crops are cabbage, broccoli, greens, cauliflower, etc... Spring crops include; onions and potatoes. We also have a catfish pond. I am thinking of selling dressed catfish also. These things are very important to a small southern community. This being fresh, local produce. I plan to get my meats processed instead of buying processed ones. This saves a lot of money. I will go to Plant City, Florida, to get produce when the season is out for certain produce here. This may not apply to most of you, but it is worth mentioning because that is where a large farmers market is. I buy 50 pounds of potatoes for $10.00. Watermelons are .50 a piece at certain times of the year. These are places to save tons of money. Also, I was thinking of getting one of those machines you can rent movies from to put in front of the store. Our small town doesn't have a movie store, which would greatly incentivize customers to come in. Maybe come to my store for a movie and browse the popcorn aisle. I know I'm just rambling, but perhaps some of you have excellent ideas for your store. I wish everyone the best of luck.
  • Guest said on January 5, 2009
    Hi, Are there people from the SF Bay area in this group want to start a grocery store? If yes, can we network and help each other? Interested, write to me at Thanks, Kris
  • Dale Servacio said on January 5, 2009
    Raylott, please send me your contact information and the farmers market where you can bet 50# of Potato for $10. I'm looking for fresh produce sources. Thanks.
  • B Robinson said on January 6, 2009
    Raylott, please send me more information and contact information for your fresh produce sources. Also, Joni, do you have a web page I can view? I am opening a small grocery store. All help is welcomed. Please send all responses to
  • anvear said on January 11, 2009
    Hi dear friends; I want to open a grocery shop with meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. So, I can have more customers, who will prefer to visit my store for various reasons.
    Please email me if you have the details, which might help me.
  • Lou said on January 24, 2009
    Can anyone here inform us what the prospects of retail grocery is during these uncertain economic times? I am also considering a small-town grocery, but am a bit apprehensive in light of the economy. My gut tells me that people still need to eat, but I also know that people who are out of work and/or pinching pennies will probably gravitate to larger super-stores where they can get better food deals. I would like to hear from someone who has knowledge and experience with this aspect of grocery retailing.
  • Guest said on January 27, 2009
    Hi Everyone,
    for the past five years, I have been seriously thinking about opening my own grocery store (save-a-lot style). could anyone tell me how much start-up money I would need to borrow from the bank? Thanks, guys; I love you all
  • mike said on February 1, 2009
    I am putting together a business plan for a small store, the most difficult number to get seems to be my cost for the product. Does anyone have any direction on where to go and what to expect here?
  • Kris said on February 3, 2009
    Hi Swarna and Namita,
    I am also exploring an Indian grocery store. Did you find any info? Where are you planning to start? I am in Fremont, CA. If you are also in CA we can put our heads together. What do you say?
    If interested, write to me at
    thanks Kris
  • Cathy said on February 3, 2009
    I would like to open a small somewhat exclusive yet down-to-earth grocery store.
    Joni if you are still out there with information. I'm at
  • Raaj said on February 7, 2009
    Hi Joni, I plan to open an Indian grocery store in NJ. I need your help for this. How to set up furniture, fridges and where to get groceries at wholesale prices, and where to get a billing machine. My email is If anyone has details on how to start an Indian Grocery store, please email me at Thanks, Raaj
  • Anne Marie Matic said on February 18, 2009
    My husband and I are interested in opening up a Salvage and Bulk Food Store. Does anyone know where these stores get their products from - dented cans or soon-to-be expired items? The Amish own a lot of these stores and we could be very successful with a similar store in our area - just don't know how they receive these items. Does anyone know anything about this type of business. Please e-mail me. I'd greatly appreciate any information you may have.
  • Jeff said on February 22, 2009
    Hi, My wife and I are thinking about starting an Asian grocery. We believe there is demand for it but would like to speak with someone who has experience managing one which will help us determine margins, wholesalers, etc. Please contact me at
  • bob said on February 25, 2009
    I would like to start a salvage food store but where can I get product. I am a meat cutter for a chain.
  • Cristina beginner adviser said on February 26, 2009
    How do I start a specialty grocery store, particularly an organic store?
    Demand is the fuel that drives any business. So before starting an organic store, look around whether people in the area where you plan to open a business are inclined to buy products that are healthy and free of pesticides and antibiotics. Also consider your competition like health food stores, and farmers’ markets. Make sure you are not one too many. As a specialty store you could sell a variety of items like organic fruits, meat, grains, vegetables and dairy products free of synthetic ingredients. Or you can specialize in one product. To prove the authenticity of your claim that your products are organic, adhere to labelling standards by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Just like any business, you would have to secure permits, licenses and tax numbers for your business, as well as choose a business structure. Visit your city office to know which proper agency to submit the requirements.

    Do you have some tips for someone planning to open a grocery store?
    Display is a big factor in a grocery store. Put consumer goods at the farthest end – people will not mind going the distance for something they need. Put those that they need least along the way and nearest to your counters for last-minute reminders to shoppers. A grocery store is heavily dependent on refrigeration, put in place measures to improve your refrigeration system’s efficiency.

    Where do I find contractors to buy refrigerators for my grocery store?
    At you would find global suppliers of commercial refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, freezers, undercounter refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators, walk-in coolers. As you would need a lot of refrigeration for you perishable goods, buy energy-saving refrigerators so that you don’t get hit with a large bill every month.

    Towing Business Adviser

  • John said on March 11, 2009
    I am trying to rebuild a grocery store. It is in a rural area, where it is desperately needed. I need as much info on where to start. Should I focus on obtaining the land? I'm just overwhelmed by all of the confusing info out there. Would like some advice on how to put my plan into action.
  • Betsy said on March 16, 2009
    Joni- you clearly could start a consulting business! If you are still willing and have time, I would love to ask you about margins, equipment, staff- for a very small local foods store- emphasizing local, year-round produce, grass-fed meats, eggs, dairy- mostly primary foods. Thank you! I would love to talk with any of you who are also working on local produce to hear how its going. Good luck everyone! email is
  • Thanh Pham said on March 17, 2009
    How do you know who or what company to contact. I have a location idea, but still sketchy with the who meeting the demands etc.
  • Vanna said on March 17, 2009
    My husband and I want to open Asian grocery. we live in a small town in Kentucky... If anyone has any tips on management and how to find the wholesale distributor in our region.. Thank you very much for everyone help.. Please email me..
  • Anh Mai said on March 17, 2009
    I have a place 700 sf, i want to open small asian grocery store. please tell me that's enough or not? And how much at least do i need? And where can i buy products?
  • marcus rogers said on March 20, 2009
    hello, I am thinking of opening a grocery store in my county but I need info on how to do so if anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Sahil said on March 24, 2009
    Hi Everybody, I am planning to open an Indian store in Alabama. Can you please provide me with the info.
  • tomzee said on March 24, 2009
    We're thinking of starting a food store in our area, but I'm having trouble finding a wholesale distributor, or a food supplier or something. We have everything we need for a grocery store, except for food..
  • tomzee said on March 24, 2009
    oops forgot to give email info on starting business and how to get food appreciated TY
  • gentino said on March 26, 2009
    hi, everybody, I will be opening a grocery store very soon. Was wondering if anyone could advice me on any system or software that can be used to manage the stock or inventory. My email address is Thanks in advance.
  • marcus rogers said on March 26, 2009
    hi I forgot to give my email. it is the info will be much appreciated
  • yemisi said on April 1, 2009
    Hi, i want to open a grocery store that will serve African/Caribbean and the rest of the world that will be like a world grocery store. Please can you help me what do i need to do to start. Thanks
  • yemisi said on April 1, 2009
    oh sorry i forgot to add my e-mail add its Thanks and i need feedback quick. thanks once again yemisi
  • katie said on April 8, 2009
    hi all, i am doing a project for graduate school about grocery stores - and we are trying to figure out the costs associated with running a grocery store each month? staff, electricity...all of it. any insight would be so much appreciated!! and the logic is also helpful.... thank you thank you...
  • rahul said on April 13, 2009
    Hi i want to start a Indian grocery shop in WV. can you please give complete details, i am on my h1-b, how much money i need to spend? other expenditure etc... Thanks
  • franky said on April 16, 2009
    Hello i'm looking to open a small grocery store. I know little about opening one. I was wondering around how much i would need to start up. I have bad credit would that stop or hurt me from opening one? how would I go about getting the equipment I need like freezers, shelves at a cheap price? Is the license expensive. I'm looking to sell food, candy, cigarettes. where do i go to get the license. Thank you if you can help and god bless. I'm from Chicago. u can email me at
  • Yemoski said on April 16, 2009
    I want to open a grocery store. What method will best preserve fresh fruits and vegetables without refrigeration. What market research do you suggest both on the supply and sales sides. Moreso, i'm having a big hitch completing my business plans do i really have to complete it before starting?
  • Minh Le said on April 18, 2009
    Hi, my name is Minh. I want to start open Vietnamese grocery store in two years at Pennsylvania state. If anyone knows, where do I get my supplies and products (like fish, poultry, and vegetable.) Can anyone show me, where is distributive located. Please email me, thanks very much. (
  • Ed Bradford said on May 3, 2009
    I am interested in opening a small store using local farms for fresh fruits. I have a site in mind please help with info on coolers, shelves & start up costs.
  • zel said on May 6, 2009
    hey I am so interested in putting up a grocery store. Could you please give me information and advices. my email ad is thanks buddies
  • HI JONI said on May 12, 2009
  • Jack said on May 12, 2009
    I am from Germany, currently living in US. I am planning to start one german grocery store in my locality as there is no such stores running. Can you help me in proceeding from here?
  • letitia said on May 15, 2009
    I am Letitia and I am looking to start my own small grocery store in my area. I think of using the trailer size container and having all food item display. It still has to be clean well design and appealing to the public in my area I am looking for.
  • kriss said on May 18, 2009
    hi everyone... i am on H1B visa and looking to start an indian grocery in ny state... can anyone suggest me if starting a business is possible on h1b and how much does it cost to start it and cost of utilities...etc. can you provide me the useful info please.
  • Kim said on May 20, 2009
    I am going to start with the SBA, also the the development authority and score. I think these are a good place to start at if you want information and they do give good information on where to go.
  • Michelle said on May 20, 2009
    if you're personally emailing more information about a start-up grocery store, I would appreciate receiving some info - I live in New Orleans and our area is in desperate need of a small corner-store.
  • jalil said on May 23, 2009
    hi all, i need information about starting a new business in uk, currently i am in dubai in a job but now i am thinking to start a small business in uk. i am pakistani national and what i should do for my new upcoming business, i like to open a grocery shop there. please help me if you can, i am so grateful to you. my contact email is this please i am waiting
  • Daniel said on May 25, 2009
    I am a Nigerian in Lagos also wanting to start a grocery store but will welcome persons with a very creative business minds who would like to form a formidable team. thanks.
  • bob said on May 26, 2009
    I want to open a grocery store in the westbend area. How do I go about doing this and how do I finance this?
  • Sally said on June 8, 2009
    I am located in Utah. There has been tremendous growth in the NW suburbs of Salt Lake City. There is NO grocery store in this area. I think that potentially this could be a great business. There is a vacant pad designed for a grocery store. It would have to be large and offer competitive prices or I fear the shoppers would still travel to Walmart and other chains. Am I way out of my league thinking this is a possibility? I would be starting from the ground up. Thanks.
  • Luis said on June 11, 2009
    I have an opportunity to buy a 7500 sq ft store. The current owner claims to have 120K sales a month. He wants 150K for the name and 30K for the inventory and 6000 monthly rent. I wouldn't be buying the equipment just renting it from him. Is this a good deal? From 120K how much would I have left to pay my loan?
  • Raaj said on June 18, 2009
    I am planning to open an Indian grocery store in NJ. I need your help for this. how to set up furniture, fridges and from where to get groceries on whole sale prices and where to get billing machine?? My email is Anyone has details how to start an Indian Grocery store, please email me at Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Raaj
  • Jay said on June 21, 2009
    Hi everyone, just wanted to add my 2 cents. I'm just starting my research on opening a medium sized (about the size of a Whole Foods) grocery store in my community. I have absolutely no experience operating a grocery store. So, I've decided to partner with a grocer whose maintained a small party store in my old neighborhood for near 25 years.

    I'm hoping this person can guide me through the morass of distributors, unions, and state and local inspectors. Wish me luck!
  • pam said on July 9, 2009
    hi, my name is pam. i would like to open a grocery store from scratch, i found a place and the realtor says i need a business plan. please help, how much do i need to open up a 22,000.00 sq foot store? where do i get freezers, and when i get it, how do i do install it myself?? help me with the steps i need to take. thank you
  • Richard Tambunan said on July 10, 2009
    I am planning to open a small Asian grocery store in Murrieta Califorina (total start up investment $15K including product). My rental space is about 900sqf. I need your help for this. how to set up furniture, fridges and from where to get groceries on whole sale prices and where to get billing machine?? My email is Your help is highly appreciated.
  • Melissa O. said on July 15, 2009
    Hi, I am interested in starting a Caribbean grocery store in Western Canada. Can you provide any tips? Thanks a million :)
  • Yanqui Dudelle said on July 16, 2009
    Hey everyone, careful about posting your email address online. I too, want to start my own small ethnic grocery store.
  • karen said on July 16, 2009
    I am interested. what is a good target for labor costs for a grocery store. Also a good target for grocery costs.
  • misty s said on July 19, 2009
    hi, i want to open a grocery store that you email me your grocery list and pick it up without ever getting out of your car. i hate taking my kids in wal-mart, so i thought this would help out a lot of moms with small kids. i don't have a clue how to get this idea going, can someone please help me?
  • keysha said on July 20, 2009
    hi, i want to open a grocery store, no prior experience but i am good with people payroll and regular business management, however the state requirements and where i need to go to order my supplies...
  • Rabi said on July 20, 2009
    We own 3 Grocery stores in Northern VA. The BEST thing to do is buy a Grocery Store that is already UP n' RUNNING. Starting a new Grocery store is a BIG HEADACHE and you will need A LOT more money than what everyone here is estimating. Because no wholesaler will sell you their products unless you pay all cash for it up front. A good easy and cheap business to start and run is a Butcher Shop.
  • Pena Matasere said on July 24, 2009
    Please can anybody help, am planning to start a grocery shop in Fiji....need some tips to get it off....thx
  • steve said on July 24, 2009
    what percent of sales should payroll be? total expenses should be what percent of sales?
  • James expert adviser said on July 24, 2009
    @Steve, your payroll shouldn't be more than 12% and your total expenses should remain under 20% of your sales.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • anonymous said on July 27, 2009
    It will def take some intricate planning to establish the kind of grocery store you would like to build as you want it to be unique to how you envision it. The internet and business library in your local area can be of great assistance. Your state should also have a government page dedicating to helping people understand the process of startup and will allow you to either have applications for permits/licenses mailed or downloaded for such purposes. Hope this was helpful....good luck to all wanting to start your own biz!
  • Maureen said on July 29, 2009
    My husband and I are thinking about starting a bulk food only store. We would not be carrying any frozen or cold foods. Things like bulk herbs, grains, nuts, rices, dehydrated veggies etc. Does anyone know of a good wholesaler who has great prices and how to contact them. Also do you know if there is any law in CA that says you can't be just a bulk food store? We have the operating capital to get started I think.
  • Sam said on July 30, 2009
    Hi, my name is Subash Maharjan. I and my friends are thinking of opening the Indian Grocery store. I want to know the total process and the cost for opening the new store. If anybody can help me, I would really appreciate. Thank you very much.
  • lara said on August 10, 2009
    I am a working mother and contemplating starting a grocery store but the issue is that i am not ready to quit my job yet. Please how do i track or check on whoever I employ.
  • ownsix beginner adviser said on August 11, 2009
    If you haven't worked at a grocery store, anybody who says "I want to start a grocery store!" is just plain doomed to failure. Trust me, people. If you want to own a grocery store, get a job at one first. Work there for a couple years...During inventories. During resets. When the scan dept. took the week off. When you have difficult employees (0h yes, you will have them!). Or when you have to slot 45 new sku's, Or maybe when product isn't getting rotated and you learn 20% of your shelf stock is out of date and can't be sold...or that no matter how hard you worked and what great employees you have you just came in 5% under budget on your inventory, and even the cpa's can't figure it out other than to say shrink/wastage/theft.

    Anybody thinking they'll get rich (or even make a living!) owning a grocery store is a pure fool. And anyone who tells you otherwise is a consultant, sales rep, or a well wishing (yet anonymous) internet voice.
  • an beginner adviser said on August 12, 2009
    hi guys, Before you decide to start up with grocery store business, be prepare to work long hours. There are a lot of work involved in this business; you are not selling just 1 product but thousands. So management of your inventory is important; probably if you can get a inventory software system, that would be of great help. Uh, I think margin for grocery business is in a range of 10 ~ 30%. Good luck to all of you.
  • saeed nematollahi haghighi said on August 30, 2009
    I wanted to learn about control of employees, for example a cashier, because that is the job of the cashier to take cash money from customers and to secure it. he/she are not going to take money in their pocket. traditionally, what way they are controlled in a super market or grocery store? by aii respect: saeed n,h bye
  • Amr Sallahudiyn said on August 30, 2009
    I am about to open a grocery store and I am really looking for pointers to draw the community's support.
  • Sumit said on August 31, 2009
    Hi Joni, I am not sure if you are still looking at this page but I will definitely be able to use your knowledge in this field. My contact email is
  • Dolly said on August 31, 2009
    I am a grocery store owner and all I found here was people wanting to start a grocery store business. Beware also that there are a lot of scammers here just wanting to get your email address to enable them to try their scams on you.
  • maima626 said on September 6, 2009
    I want to open an African grocery store, can anyone tell me how to start?
  • Mani said on September 11, 2009
    HI Dolly, How is your grocery store doing? can you please give details of how you started and how much you invested in beginning? thanks
  • Mani said on September 11, 2009
    Hi Joni, I am planning to open an Indian grocery store in NJ. I need your help for this. how to set up furniture, fridges and from where to get groceries on whole sale prices and where to get billing machine?? My email is Anyone has details how to start an Indian Grocery store, please email me at Thanks, mani
  • rose said on September 14, 2009
    hi everyone, i'm planning to open an asia grocery store but i am only 23 and don't have enough experience. i don't know how to start. if anyone can tel me how and i will be, really appreciate for it. (


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