Starting a Sweden Shop

There are a lot of changes taking place in the country called Sweden, and Americans may want to get to know the Swedish tradition and fashion. So when you put up a Sweden shop, you will help educate the public about Sweden’s lifestyle. We can show you the way on how to start a Sweden Shop here.

Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe and the largest in Scandinavia. Its south stretches from Baltic Coast up into Arctic Circle. Half of the country is still covered with forests while its largest cities are Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

The Swedes long valued the beauty in everyday living. They would typically elevate the ordinary objects into art forms – for instance, a perfectly designed coffee cup that’s comforting to hold yet a pleasure to see on your shelf or a cleverly made satchel durable enough to use everyday yet pretty enough for any special occasion.

So no matter how small is someone’s budget or space, the Swedish have mastered the fine art of turning your house into a home. They also strive to inspire you and make your surroundings cozy.

Startup Sweden Shop

When you start your own Sweden shop, you can offer the latest in books, vintage/antique items, postcards, folk arts, Roosters, Dala Horses, children’s ware, clothing, house wares, textiles, lingonberry preserves, and crisp breads. Specifically, you can sell product lines such as Bastad clogs, Ratzer, Haba, Spira, Sagaform, Melton, Hugin and Mugin, Rice, Ekelund, Dansko, and Bodum.

In many areas, Swedes are early adopters. Especially with the fashion trends of today, the men and women in Sweden today are stylish in their clothing. They are also more open to explore new designs and have unique taste when it comes to their merchandise. Interestingly, the Americans have already liked the same style and taste as these Swedish.

Sweden Shop Guide

In opening your Sweden shop, you can import your products from Sweden. Your customers will be surprised and treated to Swedish specialties without physically going to Sweden. In this regard, matters should be directed to Swedish Trade Council with address in 150 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1950, Chicago, IL 60601. You can phone them at (312) 781-6222 or e-mail them at

No matter where you establish your shop, you should not only carry Swedish products but also imbibe the old-fashioned courtesy and service you will see in all Swedish shops. Typical hours of operation are from Monday to Sunday at 10am to 6pm. To know more about Sweden and how to trade with this country, check out the Embassy of Sweden located in Washington. Even if you start from a small shop, you will soon ingrain your store into the American society and become a significant establishment later on.

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