Writing Business Solicitation Letter

In writing a business solicitation letter, keep in mind that it must first be clear, professional, straight to the point and interesting to the reader.

A short introduction about the company will give the reader an idea on what you are all about.

State what it is you can offer to the reader just as importantly as you should state what it is you want from them, the reason for contacting them. If you want them to reply to your letter by writing back, visiting a suggested website, calling, or meeting in person, make sure that you provide the necessary information to get them to get back to you. Also, the letter should be attractive and simple without sounding demanding, rather it should be promotional.

It is important to write out a simple letter with no more than two to three very short paragraphs. Not all people and especially businesspeople, have the leisure of time to read a long letter. Keep the letter informative yet stick to only the striking details. Follow the basic rules letter writing for business letters. Your first paragraph should include an outline of the company or organization you are writing about. Explain how the reader will benefit from the activities the company has to offer.

Explain the activity or program in the next paragraph. The date, time, location and information with regards to the venue should be noted clearly. Add that the donation you receive from them will be tax deductible and include your tax id to ensure credibility. Finally thank the reader for their support, even if in this case you are not so sure you will be getting it, proper courtesy is always a good sign of professionalism. Do not forget to stress that their business or company information will be accessible to everyone at the event, ensuring the reader the promotion and advertising of their business.

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Normally business solicitation letters are a make or break type of communication, so you should keep proofreading your letter. Check that you have followed all the basic rules of grammar and letter writing. Check spelling and all the important information. Edit and rewrite as necessary.

What catches the eye, and interest of the reader in these types of letter is a good story. Offer a clear indication of what you plan to do and what it is you want the reader to do. Keep as brief yet informative as possible and choose your words wisely. Getting on the emotional side of the reader at the very start of your letter will keep him or her reading it till the end and that is exactly what you want them to do.
Show appreciation to the reader, regardless of whether or not he has agreed to solicit anything. The fact that this person is even reading your letter this far is reason enough for appreciation. It is also good to have it completely personalized to a specific person.

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