Office Space Legal Requirements

In the United States, the agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA takes care on the safety and healthy working environment of employees.

This agency has set of rules and regulations for office space legal requirements. To learn more about them, read on.

In the United States, the rights for safety and healthy working environment of employees and workers are being taken care of through the agency called Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA). There are many regulations and rules as set and formulated by OSHA and several of these are regarding the office space and office aisle space requirements. It is expected that all employers follow these set of regulations and thus stay in compliance with OSHA. The regulations as set by OSHA about these matters should be stringently followed or else employers can face strict fines.

Aisle Space Requirements: Lines

According to the rules and regulations of the OSHA regarding the aisle space requirements, the aisle should start where the walls of the office cubicle start. The aisle space should be clearly defined and this can be done through lines that are made of any color. These lines can be defined by dots, squares, strips, or straight continuous line.


The set of rules regarding the markings of the aisle can be done through the use of tape or permanent markings. This marking is recommended to have the width between two inches to six inches. The important thing here is that the aisle is clearly defined.


For the aisle proper, OSHA dictates that it should be at least three feet wider compared with the largest equipment. If this cannot be followed, OSHA has set an alternative. This alternative is that the aisle should be, at the minimum, four feet.

Air Quality and Temperature

OSHA states that every office space should be properly installed with ventilation, heating and air conditioning for the safety of employees from pollutants outside the office. This also means that the air conditioning system installed in the office is different for the office space where there are people working in it as compared with office space relegated for storing supplies and products.

How the OSHA Works

The OSHA usually makes two visits in a year to check on if the requirement it has set for office space requirements is met. If the OSHA overlooked non-compliance to their rules, anybody who visit and works in the office can file a complaint and OSHA will take care of it through admonition and giving the employer a time frame for which it can finally follow the OSHA office space requirement.

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