Alternatives to Outsourcing

Outsourcing is well accepted in the business industry. In fact, most business owners think that is the most cost effective alternative to achieve their goals and earn more profits.

What they don’t know is that it’s creating a jobless community. This may be the perfect time to consider the various alternatives to outsourcing.

Some Alternatives to Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a very common solution these days for most companies online or offline. There are still companies that don’t outsource and are able to gain a lot of profits. Are there alternatives to outsourcing? Many companies are already used to outsourcing because it’s an excellent way to minimize costs. Finding the balance between employees and technological products can really get complicated but if you stick to outsourcing, you may never find the right answer. There are alternate methods that companies and businesses can use but you may have to explore which ones can work for you and help you in attaining your goals.

Hiring College Students as an Alternatives to Outsourcing in Some US States

Some companies in the US have already tried hiring college students or fresh graduates. The minds of these students are still fresh with all the things they’ve learned academically and so many companies are benefiting from the brightest students at a low cost. Since the students are inexperienced, they can’t demand high salaries as compared to the experienced ones. This is a viable solution to outsourcing but a lot of companies are still hesitant to try it out.

Homesourcing is an Alternative to Outsourcing

Domestic alternatives are now available in the US for those who don’t want to opt for outsourcing. You can check out the IT companies located in Idaho, Jonesboro Ark, and Oklahoma City. DELL is a popular name among computers and the company is offering ‘homesourcing’ which is an alternative to outsourcing. The reason why a lot of people are now considering this option is because of the lower living costs in some areas. The internet development and application maintenance costs are also significantly lower by 40% in the domestic market. Local companies will benefit greatly from the tax breaks offered by the federal government. For instance, Dell will be receiving $225M tax credits for the new plant it has developed. Aside from that, the company also received an incentive grant of $14.1M for job development.

If more and more local companies in the US are willing to generate more jobs for the people, there is no more need for outsourcing. However, since the business industry has been used to outsourcing for several years now, it can take some time before these alternatives can be recognized highly. Before making a decision, weigh the good sides and the downsides of outsourcing and ‘homesourcing’ (as experts want to call it). Educating yourself on the alternatives can help you in making the right decisions. Big companies should now look into the possibility of NOT outsourcing to help the local residents in getting new jobs.


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