Food Stamps Income Requirements

Food stamps is a way of the US government to help low-income level families to have a decent meal.

Anyone can apply for this service through one must meet first the food stamps income requirements. Below are the details for these income requirements.

Food stamps are one way wherein the US government subsidizes its low-income level families. Anyone in your household can apply for food stamps only if that person holds US citizenry or even an alien who has a status set to be qualified by the US government.

The only thing the individual must do is he must apply at his local office, based on the city or sometimes based on the zip code where he lives in. The application can be done through personal appearance, mail, fax, or online. If one cannot go to the office where food stamps can be approved, a phone interview can be done so even disabled or old people can avail of this government service.

There is only one thing that comes between this government type of service. There is still something like food stamps income requirements that must be met. These food stamps income requirements are necessary for one to be part of this program of the government. Below are the details of these food stamps income requirements.

For Families Regarding Food Stamps Income Requirements

Since food stamps are provided for low-income level families, every applicant should have a gross income of 200% of the federal poverty level and based on family size. This family’s children are only considered if they are under the age of 19. The eligibility for this government service as mandated by food stamps income requirements is determined based on the net income (gross income less the allowable deductions) by a family.

More specific detail of food stamps income requirements is that the household should not have an income of more than $2,000. This income is also named as a resource of the family. If there is a presence of a person aged 60 years old and above in the family, the threshold for these allowable resources is raised to $3,000. This income limit may be changed any year for that matter.

For 60 Years old Regarding Food Stamps Income Requirements

In this group of age people, there are basically no gross income guidelines set by the government. Yet, eligibility is also set by net income, which is gross income deducted by allowable deductions. Those people who are already 60 years old and above, can claim for medical deductions. Another thing is that their housing deduction is not capped.


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