Employee Internet Abuse

Internet abuse is a common problem in the workplace. This can cost the owner of the business a significant amount of money annually which should have been used to increase productivity.

Investing on a good and quality software program can help employers in monitoring the use of the internet. Why don’t you consider getting one for your business and enhance productivity as well?

Employee Internet Abuse is Actually Happening

Most of today’s business establishments and offices have internet connections. Is employee internet above really possible? Well, this is a sad situation but it’s happening in the workplace. Once an employee abuses his or her internet privileges, it can be considered as a way of ‘stealing’ from ones employer. For instance, statistics show that a lot of employees waste one hour (that is supposedly spent in accomplishing various tasks and responsibilities) in surfing the internet. If the one-hour internet and electricity consumption is computed, a typical employer is able to loose $5,000 per year; what if you have 50 employees and all of them are abusing their internet privileges?

The financial implications are the not the only problems that an employer has to deal with in the case of employee internet abuse. You see, if employees are always using the internet for their personal satisfaction, the business can also be at risk and can suffer from network disruptions. Malware and spyware are all over the web and once these things affect the network, serious problems can occur. There are also issues about harassment among employees through chat and emails. It would be impossible for an employer to monitor the activities of all the employees and so some business owners turn to monitoring software programs.

Employee Internet Abuse Software Program

This is the perfect solution to employers having internet connection in the office. The software program can monitor the activities of all employees using the network. This can help in maximizing profits and productivity in the workplace. It’s your right as the employer to protect your business and employees should comply with your rules and regulations accordingly. Through the software program, you can easily identify the employees who are surfing net frequently during working hours; the ones accessing blocked sites; individuals sending out emails; the info that employees are searching for; and monitor the work time of all employees.

If you plan to use such software program, it would still be best to talk to the employees about it and the reason why you want to use such program. Some employees may think that you’re invading their privacy but since the computers and the internet are your properties, you also have to protect your investment. You can prepare a document which states about the proper use of the internet while working and have your employees sign it. Staff presentations can help in making the employees know that their internet usage is being monitored. In due time, you will surely see considerable improvements.


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