Employee Internet Use Policy

if you do not have an employee internet use policy in your company you should create one. This article includes the do's and don't's that your policy must contain.

There are some companies that does not have an employee internet use policy in place in their workplace to follow.

This issue might cause serious risk in your business. In order to reduce the danger you need to plan a policy with care. Every employee should be well-informed about this to reduce the risks that might lead to judicial matters in case it causes a serious problem in the company's operation, or it slow down the business operation.

It is necessary, especially in the minor industry, to be practical when formulating an internet use policy. The main concern is the security and safety of the system and your data and must uphold the company's reputation in the business. But, it is also essential that you must not be overly stringent on your employee being able to commence with their jobs properly. The policy must be regularly updated, and must focus on the particular needs of the business.

Do not let your employee to:

  • Use radio internet. It may sap bandwidth that can lead to slow down the internet, thus slowing down the working process.
  • Use employee to employee file sharing sites. It poses a threat of virus that can bring a hold to the network system.
  • Use social networking site while working or during business hours. You should spend your time working and not socializing, unless it requires you to do it.
  • Open sites or forward or send e-mails that contain gambling, sex, racial or violence as it can result to costly proceedings.
  • Download shareware or freeware. It is very vulnerable in virus.
  • Download copied software it will lead to serious proceedings.
  • Use e-mail not related to your work.


  • If your employee is using it only during break time or beyond the business hours.
  • Emphasize the company owns e-mail communications store on the company's system, and you have the privilege to access it if you need it.
  • Set out clearly the disciplinary method that you should follow. If in case of non compliance a breach of the policy is committed..
  • Ensure that all employee have the copy of the policy and monitor managers and supervisors on its implementation.

There are many cases that using the internet during business hours has to lead to court cases, particularly if it dangers the business. Using the corporate equipment for social, dubious action or personal are well acknowledge for costing employers significantly. In case you don't want this to happen to the business, it is important that you create a policy the sooner. It will keep your business working properly and minimize the risk of putting the business in extreme difficulty. and employer should agree on this policy and must be created and intended only for your company. It is a significant investment for your business. Ensure that you implement it and enforced anytime.


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