Do You Have Employee Drug Testing Policy

Drafting the policy for drug testing employees is a serious matter. The employer should make the policy together with employee representatives.

The policy should also be open to all employees and should be indicated in the handbook and in the employment agreement. When it comes to searches and monitoring, the employees should be aware of it.

Do You Have Employee Drug Testing Policy – The Need

Employers are now greatly concerned about the activities of their employees even outside the workplace. Once the employee steps out of the office, he or she is a representative one way or another. Drug testing is vital but employers should be aware that are limits. The employee drug testing policy will still need the approval of the staff. Drug abuse can really affect the performance of an individual at work and aside from that it can also be the cause of accidents and ill-health. Having a policy can reduce the safety risks involved in drug misuse. Together with safety or staff representatives, the employer can now make a draft of the policy.

The policy will clearly set what it wants to achieve, the tests that are going to be performed, the available support, and disciplinary actions. Employee consent is needed prior to drug testing. Make sure that all employees are aware of the policy and it can be included in the company’s handbook and in the employment contract. Oftentimes, testing will be based on the employer’s discretion. Random testing is advised because if an employer starts pinpointing the ones that are going to be tested, it will be harder to justify because some people would think that you’re discriminating.

Do You Have Employee Drug Testing Policy – Searches and Monitoring

Employers can also demand employee searches but this is a very sensitive matter. A written agreement or policy should be accomplished and there should be at least a reasonable cause for the search. Respecting privacy is very important so the searches should be conducted together with a witness. If the employee is a man, then a male co-worker can perform the search or vice versa. Employees who are not into drugs will not be affected much by the policy but drug users might react about it. Still, the employer has the right to sack the employee if he or she is not performing well at work.

To ensure that the safety and health duties are performed by the employer, the office or establishment should have CCTV monitoring systems. There should still be a drawn policy for the monitoring system. When employees are under surveillance, they should be made aware of it. For employees who are against the testing, you can always raise your grievances but try to check the handbook or the employment agreement. It only means that you agree with the policy but if you strongly believe that testing is not necessary, you must meet with top management to discuss matters.


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