How to Pass a Drug Test

There are different ways to detect the use of drugs. The usual tests performed are urine, hair, and saliva tests.

You should never attempt to mess with the samples because the testing facilities can easily detect them. As long as you know that you’re not using drugs, you can surely pass the test.

All employers require drug testing for their potential employees. The use of illegal drugs is rampant in some places but this should not be a reason for you to use them as well. Drug tests can ruin your reputation once the test proves that you’ve broken the law. If you want to pass a drug test, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Employee Urine Tests

You should never spike or mask urine samples. Certain OTC and commercial chemicals that contain nitrates were utilized to mask the THC. Such products are now detectable and the drug screen will show a failed result. Diluting the sample is also not a good idea. Through dilution, the drug metabolites’ concentration can be reduced. This is performed by adding fluid to the sample. Facilities can easily detect dilution so you shouldn’t think of this. Besides, most testing facilities don’t have sinks and even the water in the toilet is tinted.

Don’t try internal flushing or dilution. Some people tend to drink lots of water prior to the drug test. Are you aware that some people have died from water intoxication? This is dangerous. The urine will be colorless and the testing facility will be suspicions about it. The sample will be run at 15 ng/ml confirmation level which is quite low. The result will be flagged which is not good for you. Substituting the sample will involve the use of synthetic urine or the liquid premixed urine. Most employer performed drug tests are not able to detect this especially if the applicant or employee has carefully substituted the sample.

Hair and Saliva Testing

Another way to perform a drug test is through hair tests. THC or marijuana use can be easily identified through hair testing. This is because the marijuana metabolites are already present in the blood and will go to the blood vessels, even the head and it will be filtered in your hair. The test will need fifty to eighty strands located at the crown of the head. Even if you try to mask it with hair color, the hair test can still reveal the use of THC. Testing the saliva is another test used to prove drug use. If you used drugs in the previous days, it can still be detected in your saliva. This can be performed in random or pre-employment screenings or when there is reasonable suspicion. If you want to pass drug tests, then don’t use drugs in the first place. Prevention is always the best answer.


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