Window Washing Business Tips

Do you want to go into the window washing business? Window washing is a business that a lot of people can get into. You do not need to have a business degree to get into this business. All you need to have is the enthusiasm to make the business work, willingness to please the customers and the dedication to provide a meticulous cleaning job.

A very important requirement needed is honesty because they will be entering other people’s houses. Here are some tips on how to be successful in this line of business.

If you want to go into the window washing business, you have to remember some very useful guideline for you to keep your clients and be assured that they recommend you to others. First: always be on time and always be consistent. Punctuality indicates that you have respect for your customers and that they can count on you. Make sure that the time that you have both agreed upon for your services should be followed. If you must vary it, be sure to inform them beforehand so that they make proper arrangements. You have to be thorough. Create a system that you can follow to ensure that your job can be carried out efficiently. Make sure that you finish one job before staring another, that way your equipments would not be scattered all over. Be organized too; make sure that wherever you go your equipments go with you for so that whenever you need something it is easily within reach.

Do the best that you can. Always remember that your livelihood depends on this job and so love your job. Do the job as if it is your own house. Work efficiently but always take your safety as well as that of others into consideration. When clients give you a call, always make it a point to call back as soon as possible. This way, your clients will feel that they can depend on you and maybe even refer your services to others. Continue learning about your trade. If there are new techniques and equipments available, make sure that you are aware of them and if possible adapt and acquire them. Once in a while you will probably make some mistakes, it is best to be honest and admit your make up for the mistakes. There are times when your customer will try to negotiate on your cleaning fees, make sure you can defend your pricing by saying the quality of your services will surely make the price worth paying. Another very important gesture you can do for your clients is sending them thank you cards, especially during holidays. But even if there are no holidays looming over the horizon, it still wouldn’t hurt to send them card and let them know you appreciate their trust in your company. The clients will surely appreciate this. Who knows what they will do as a way to thank you in return.

These tips that we have provided are very practical ones, and can be used in whatever business you will be in. Professionalism, working to give what you’re clients expect and then taking a step further to give more than what is expected, these are all ideals that can be applied in any business that we go into.

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  • Nestorio Briones said on July 5, 2016
    Hi, Is there to any seminar about this window washing business? What are the formalities or documentations to start this business? Kindly advise. Thanks & best regards,


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