How to Start a Dryer Vent Cleaning Business

If you want to start a dryer-vent cleaning business, it is important that you have the necessary certifications. Without it, it can be hard to attract clients.

When you have enough credentials to show customers, you can now look for an office and secure the necessary licenses or permits to operate the business legally.

Dryer vents can easily get clogged over the years and lint can also build up. It is important that you maintain it’s cleanliness to ensure optimum performance and avoid the consequences of fire. If you know how to clean dryer vents, you can start your own cleaning business. Many offices and homes will want to avail of your services because your clients will not even think of crawling into the tight areas and spaces. With this business, you can start with around $3,000 or higher depending on your targeted operations.

Setting up a Dryer Vent Cleaning Business

To make sure that you know how the business works, you will need to obtain a certification. There are many short courses and trainings on dryer-vent cleaning and once you’ve completed them, you can now earn a technician certification. Since you will be acting as the contractor, you will be held liable just in case something goes wrong. With this in mind, you have to make sure that you provide quality and responsible services. Make sure that you know about the EPA regulations and other relevant laws pertaining to the business. You also need to register the business to obtain a license.

As mentioned earlier, there is a possibility that you can incur liabilities. With general liability insurance, you can limit and protect the business from lawsuits that may arise. You will have to decide on the services that you want to offer. Aside from repair, you can also offer installations, cleaning, and alterations. You will need cleaning tools to work on the dryer vents dryer, and the gutters. Among the things you need are extenders, nylon brushes, hammers, flex rods, blockage removers, screwdrivers, vacuum, lint catchers, clamps, and air compressor. There are times when old ducts are poorly positioned and you might consider replacing them. Make sure that you know how to replace such sections properly to ensure maximum performance.

You will need a location for the business office. To establish credibility, it is important that you lease out office space. You will need your own phone line so that customers can contact you with ease. Advertising should be carried out prior to opening. It would help a lot if you have a mini truck or van where you can put your equipment and other stuffs. You can even advertise through your vehicle by placing vinyl lettering or just custom signage. Hire certified cleaners as well so that you can cut down the overheads and you don’t need to re-train them.


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