How to Start a Candy Bouquet Business

Candy Industry is very much well-known not only for kids but for adults as well. We love giving gifts as expression of our love and thanksgiving or just to express our feelings out. As a combination of flowers and candies, making of flower bouquet is very much appreciated as this shows how innovative an entrepreneur is.

This business can also be done full-time or part-time depending on your availability.

Making candy bouquet requires creativity as you will combine flower arrangement skills with making of delicious sweets like candies and chocolates. Its market is very huge because candy, chocolate, flower lovers as your prospect customers, doesn't have certain age bracket. It is a big business opportunity both as full-time and at home business to engage into.

Skills needed in Making of Candy Bouquet:

  • You must have knowledge and skills in candy and chocolate making. If you can make delicious candy, this will make mark on your business as your customers will love to order more or even recommend you to other customer and will make your marker even bigger!
  • You should also have the skills of flower arrangement. As this business combines art of flower arrangement using chocolate/candy made flowers, making your bouquet presentable and more spectacular will draw success on your candy bouquet business.
  • Learn how to use wire to combine the candy/chocolate made flowers.

There are two kinds of Candy Bouquet making:

  • All are candy/chocolate made flowers combined together to make a flower-like bouquet.
  • A combination of real flowers and candy/chocolate made flowers wired together to make a fabulous bouquet.

You may add some ribbons and the like to make the bouquet more attractive.

How to start the business:

Name your business. It is preferable to choose a name that has something related with candy/chocolate and flower so your business name will be more memorable.

Make brochures for your candy/chocolate bouquet creations. When you start looking for your prospect be sure to have photos of your creations. Make it attractive and colorful as possible to catch their attention and interest to buy your bouquet. The more attractive it looks in the brochure the more likely you will get orders of it.

Designate a workplace at home. If you prefer to start you candy bouquet business at home, be sure to designate a workplace for you to make your bouquets. Make the place conducive to work and make all the materials you'll need just right at the area. Make a cabinet where you can place all your materials and equipment needed and have a small refrigerator where you can keep candies and chocolate to avoid spoilage.

Designate an office at home. Because you need to track records of orders for your candy bouquet you need to have a small office at home. Your customers can make order through phone so make sure to record every transaction you receive. Be sure to set rules in your household and show them your designated area for them to respect. Let them understand that you are having business at home so they will know their limitations in the area

Make your Network. As you are starting you business at home, you can ask your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, or even offices/companies near your vicinity to have copy of your brochures. Your networks maybe as limited as that for the mean time, however as you satisfy them with your candy bouquets, they will do the next step of advertising your creations to their friends and relatives too. Make sure to do your best creations to make repetitions of orders.

Make a website. If you see the potential of your candy bouquet creations, you can make your website to make your market bigger. If you cannot make it by your own, let somebody who has the skills in website design to do it for you.


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