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One of the advantages of tax industry among others is that it is not easily affected by economic changes.

Hence, if you are eyeing to franchise a tax preparation and electronic filing services business, there is no other name to trust but the Colbert/Ball Tax Service.

Colbert/Ball Tax Service generally offers tax preparation and electronic filing services. Established since 1995, the company secured a reputation as a key competitor in the tax industry. They have made a name in the business for that they have been committed in providing quality service and customer satisfaction.

The company serves as a bridge between taxpayers and IRS by rendering electronic tax preparation services that is in accordance to IRS mandate for federal and state returns for individuals and small businesses with the ability to secure quick refunds.

The tax preparation industry has been performing well that it continues to grow and becoming more a stable and solid source of revenue that is unaffected by economic change.

Franchising Colbert/Ball Tax Service entails a number of benefits. Basically, the tax servicing company provides their franchisees with electronic tax preparation software, marketing concepts, training programs and seasoned individuals with more than four decades of experience in the tax industry.

The electronic tax preparation software is their primary tool for processing tax sheets. They made the process easy especially for busy people. Thus, more and more customers are seeking their help on dealing out with tax payments. The company’s marketing concept is made available to all franchisees. Through this, the marketing and advertising effort is more solid and collected.

Training programs are also made available to staffs of start-up franchises. This is to assure that new branch will provide the same service value just like with every Colbert/Ball. More so, training programs are continuous throughout the business life cycle.

Likewise, you can be assure that in franchising Colbert/Ball, you get the appropriate management support that you needed to kick off your business well.

Franchising Colbert/Ball Tax Service requires $15,000 franchise fee with about $33,235 - $50,735 total investment. They provide full technical and tax support throughout the tax season. They also give training and consultation and there is no prior tax needed. The opportunity also lies in having to use their turnkey operating system for the success of your own business.

Existing franchises of the company have 80% greater success than any businesses in the same industry. You can also be sure that though it is usually a four-month intensive business, it has a 12-month income potential.

Owners and key management of Colbert/Ball Tax Service have over 40 years of combined experience in the tax industry, which guarantee a professional approach to bring about success in every franchise.


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