How to Start 1-800-Flowers Franchise

In 1976, Jim McCann, Chief Executive Officer of 1-800 Flowers, established and opened his first retail store.

In the same year, he has also created his own chain of flower shops in New York totaling to 14 flowers shops.

10 years later, he obtained the name 1-800. The creation of a brand name that is founded on trust was his immediate goal. After a few years, he was able to realize this goal when he had fully understood his clientele and market. For him, the next step should be no less than the expansion of his growing business. Recognizing this, he had indeed successfully expanded his flower shop chains into more retails channels. This even came to an extent of going online, on the World Wide Web in 1992. In 1995, he had created his shop’s very own web site. At present, 1-800’s website has become increasingly popular and has able to maintain partnerships with other online services such as America Online, Microsoft Network and Yahoo. It was in April in the year 2002 when 1800 Flowers first offered franchising opportunities for retail shops.

For more than 25 years, 1-800 Flowers has provided millions of clients ways to communicate the care, affection and love they feel to one another. Moreover, for the same span, it has helped countless people to bring about a connection to others through the use of various gifts shouting thoughtfulness.

Nowadays, 1-800 is one of America’s most recognized name in terms of flowers and florists. With its worldwide recognition, it is now expanding further into global market with its opening franchising opportunities to various retail store locations.

How do you start a 1-800 Flowers franchise? The very first step is easy. It just entails the submission of an application for franchise. Aside from the applicant’s information, necessary financial information may also be required. The total investment required is more or less $150,000 to $450,000. When your application has been received by the franchise management, you will be contacted promptly. The approval for your application may take from 3 to 9 months. Should you not have enough funds for the investment, you may check with SBA (Small Business Administration) for assistance as they can provide you with necessary loan you may need. However, you should be aware that fees may be subject to change even without prior notice, at any time, as stipulated in Item 7 of the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document.

As a franchise owner, you can expect to receive a support system from 1-800 flowers. Also, you will also be assigned an FBC (Franchise Business Consultant) who will provide you the assistance you may need in the actual run of your business, clarify your immediate goals and teach you marketing strategies for your products. Moreover, you will also be required to attend a training program that will orient you further with the in’s and out’s of the business.

The franchises can be a single unit, a multi-unit development agreement or a conversion store. The choice is yours. Depending on the location of the business, the profit as well as the speed of the return of investment also varies.


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