Candy Bouquet Franchise Review

Candy Bouquet International is a work at home franchise that specializes in one-of-a-kind gifts made entirely out of candy, a unique and longer lasting alternative to the usual bouquet of flowers.

The Candy Bouquet International Franchise is the perfect business franchise for those who are interested in claiming their own independent source of income.

This is particularly one for those interested in practicing their artistic know-how though is not limited to those who wish to display their creativity. Anyone can be a Candy Bouquet Franchise owner as long as they possess the will power and initiative to learn. All the knowledge necessary to build your very own Candy Bouquet International Franchise, will be taught to the potential franchise owner by our professional trainers, and ongoing support and training will be readily available at all times to aid the franchise owners or to merely update ones self with the latest innovations and techniques that may be applicable to the business, its employees and the products.

The franchise has had several good reviews for the past couple of years, one of which is the fact that the franchise bases its exclusive territories on the zip code. Initially the franchisees will start their businesses at home and gradually build the business and garner enough savings before they set up a more corporate account at a business area and separate business space. In the months prior to moving out of the home, the franchise owner would have been able to properly adapt to the overall business flow and learn hands on, the day to day process of creating the customized products that the business will put up for sale.

In terms of finance and funding, the initial investments given by the potential franchise owner is dependent on the lease and exclusive territory that was applied for. Also, thought the Candy Bouquet International Franchise does not charge any royalties, it does have a small association fee that is paid monthly. Though there are not lending options available by the company there is always a third party business or organization that may be referred. The franchise aims to provide an ideal business plan to those that are willing and capable to bring the business into further success, regardless of their initial monetary capabilities to start the business.

As per training, franchise owners are given the opportunity to create their own Candy Bouquet masterpieces using the professional techniques that will be taught by their corresponding trainers. The training includes lessons in inventory control, marketing, workshop design, product pricing, advertising, product design, retail procedures, store design, quality control, credit card processing, insurance needs, and bouquet and gift basket design. You will also be supplied with all the necessary tools required to create your products. A VIP site is available online for franchisees only, where they may make orders and view helpful material and additional training is available at no extra added cost.


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