Starting Smartbox Portable Self Storage Franchise

Smartbox Portable Self Storage believes that convenience of customers should be the utmost concern in delivering services to them.

Hence, Smartbox have established a reputable name in the industry which is an advantage for every franchisee.

To initialize your interest to becoming a Smartbox Portable Self Storage franchisee, first thing you need to do is to fill out a request form which is available in their website or you may get a copy right from their main office. Most likely, having your request being reviewed, you will receive a call from the company for your initial interview. This will be followed by an assessment, agreement, and closing of the deal.

In the assessment, the company checks your interests and capability to start and manage the business including financial matters. Total investment needed to initiate a Smartbox Portable Self Storage franchise is estimated to be between $347,900 and $1,100,000. This is a no small amount of money and thereby you may need help from financing institutions should you fall short form capital requirements.

Smartbox Portable Self Storage franchising fee ranges from $40,000 to $220,000 while the on going royalty fee is at 7%. The term of agreement is a 10-year renewable contract. In addition, the company set qualifications to a net worth requirement of $500,000 and cash liquidity requirement of $250,000.

A minimum of three employees are needed to run the franchise up to eight or so depending on the scope of the business’s operation. The company does allow absentee ownership. It is important to remember that it does not matter whether you have no relevant experience in the business. However, it will be a great help to have at a least knowledge on how to keep the business going plus some marketing skills.

Generally speaking, Smartbox aims to serve as an extension of a house’s or a business’s storage room. They provide a container to the customer’s place to be loaded with what are intended to be stored and the Smartbox Portable Self Storage take care of everything. Their services extends to even providing a controlled room temperature should the things stored are sensitive to temperature changes and they also have location to location storage transfer services.

As a franchisee, you can have the benefit of the company’s full support on your way to opening your franchise. The company conducts onsite training program which is very helpful on honing the skills that your employees must be having. Also, Smartbox will give you on going support especially in management decision making. The company also lends help on site selection and on strategizing the grand opening of the franchise.

On the other hand, if some companies prefer franchisee with experience in the same industry they were in, Smartbox favor those who do not have any experience in their line of business.


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