How to Start Self Storage Business

If you want to start your own self storage business, you will need to consider things like financing, land/storage, security, and operations.

You will need to create your own business plan so that you can secure funding with ease and you can also have a road map to success. By having the right attitude and skills, you can succeed in this kind of business.

If you want to start a self storage business, there are some things that you need to consider like financing, land/storage, security, and operations. To start with, you will need land. If you already have a large land property, you can use as the perfect site for your self storage business. But if you don’t, you will need adequate financing since you will need to rent out or buy a property.

Aside from the land itself, you also need to construct buildings on the site. This will involve the purchase of various building equipments and it will surely entail assembly fees. You will need enough operating capital for the next 6 months. You’re quite lucky if you don’t need financing but if you’re on a tight budget, you need to secure funding. To do this, you should have an excellent credit record, collateral, and sufficient income for loan repayment. To convince lenders and banks that your business is profitable, you will need a good business plan. The business plan should be prepared prior to launching your business because it will not only be your ticket to funding but it can also be used as a guide in the everyday operations of the business.

Owning the land is far better than leasing it. Make sure that the land is situated near populated areas and is easily accessible. Clients should find the location convenient enough so that you can convince them to patronize your business. The land should be leveled so that you can cut down the cost for grading. Inquire about the zoning restrictions in your area and you must do this before purchasing the land property. Before building the facility, you will need to secure a building permit as well. What are the storage units that you will offer to clients? The unit sizes of the storage building should vary so that you can cater to the various needs of clients. You will also benefit if you can offer space for RVs and boats. Aside from that, you need to provide the needed security features like gated entryway, fencing, security cameras, and adequate lighting.

The day to day operations is vital so you need to have an administrative office. The opening can be advertised using grand specials, referral incentives, and other advertising campaigns. You can also use the net to promote your business. With careful planning, you can launch your business with ease. After the opening, you will now focus in the monthly collection of rentals and in other aspects of the business.


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