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Currently, there are over 100 million American adults considered to be overweight. And at any given time, more than 10 million Americans are trying to get fit or lose weight. Women make up 60% of commercial club memberships; therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of fitness franchises cater to women exclusively. The most in-demand and popular programs offered at these fitness facilities are aerobic classes, step/bench aerobics, strength training, yoga, cardio kickboxing, and group cycling.

With over $17.4 billion a year revenues in the fitness franchise industry, we can help you take advantage of sales from personal training, massage therapy, aquatics, and pro shop.

  • How to Franchise a Gym Business
    If you are in search for franchise opportunity, the choices are definitely mind blowing. There are hundreds or even thousands of many different franchise types and opportunities that you can invest in. Each franchise opportunity has its own benefits and the more you invest, the higher the potential earning will be.

  • LA Fitness Franchise
    The LA Fitness franchise is the perfect franchising opportunity for those entrepreneurs interested in bringing a state of the art fitness gym in their locality.

  • How to Start a Celsius Tannery Franchise
    If you want to start a franchise company and would want it to be in the salon industry, opening a Celsius Tannery franchise may be the right thing for you since Celsius Tannery offers its franchisees with managerial and marketing support to further enhance their knowledge in the tanning salon industry and eventually be successful.

  • Open Curves Franchise
    Curves, for women only fitness and health gym, is accepting franchising as long as the applicants are financially stable to meet all of the requirements and qualifications of the company.

  • Open a LA Boxing Franchise
    LA Boxing is a boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts gym that aims to develop the self confidence of its members through their fun and effective training programs.

  • Starting Soccer Shots Franchise
    Soccer Shots is a program specifically designed for children aged 3-8 years old. The primary goal of this is to introduce these kids to soccer and how it is played. While physical skills are being taught in this program, an emphasis on character and discipline is also given importance.

  • Starting IM = X Pilates Studio Franchise
    This article discusses the step-by-step in starting an IM = X Pilates Studio Franchise. The IM = X Pilates franchise is an investment that makes many entrepreneurs into a business of fast and high returns.

  • How to Start Foot Solutions Franchise
    If you wish to start Foot Solutions franchise, you have to begin with getting and learning the process. Know all the requirements and qualifications in order to become a Foot Solutions franchisee.

  • About Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Franchise
    Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Franchise is a health-related business that accepts franchisees with interest and knowledge regarding fitness and health.

  • Owning a Planet Beach Franchise
    Planet Beach Franchise is among the well-loved tanning salon. With its growing network of clients, it has accepted franchisees to further expand their locations.

  • Kinderdance Franchise Information
    Kinderdance is open for franchisee applicants who have the love for children and meet the other qualifications and requirements set by the company.

  • GIS Training Courses
    There are many questions regarding the usefulness and advantages of taking GIS training course in obtaining government grants.

  • Become My Gym Children's Fitness Center Franchisee
    Do you see many children inactive and overweight? Truly, millions of these children are below minimum standards for their endurance, flexibility, and strength. Therefore, there is a need for more gyms catering particularly to children.

  • How to Start a Stretch-N-Grow Franchise
    With more than 250 franchise owners worldwide, Stretch-n-Grow franchise continues to lead in the business of providing physical fitness for kids.

  • Start Play It Again Sports Franchise
    Play It Again Sports stores have been a blessing to parents who blesses their child with their needs in sports equipments.

  • Buying Athlete's Foot Franchise
    This is brief information about buying Athlete’s Foot Franchise and some other information you would like to know about an athletic footwear store.

  • Open Jenny Craig Franchise
    Through weight management, Jenny Craig has been making people's live happier and healthier for about 25 years now. Jenny Craig is offering franchisees strong financial potential since it is one of the top weight-management service companies in the world.

  • Start a Gold's Gym Franchise
    If you want to start a business franchise that has something to do with health and fitness, then Gold's Gym fitness franchise is the best option for a businessman like you.

  • How to Start a Little Gym Franchise
    Do you like to own a successful business yet have fun at the same time? Then check out The Little Gym Franchise. They set the standard of being the best child motor skill development program in the world by providing support to the owners and the best customer service available.

  • Starting a Planet Fitness Franchise
    Planet Fitness is not an ordinary gym. It has a no-pressure, friendlier version, and a franchise business model that works. Clearly, don't you think that this successful and innovative concept is the right choice? We have gathered plenty of information for you.

  • Buy a HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab Franchise
    Having a business under a top-ranked franchise like HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab can give you much more than you bargained for.

  • Open a Fitness Together Franchise
    With the current hike in the number of centers operating in the physical and health care industry, Fitness Together has standout far better than its competition and even increased the number of franchise under its name by more than 200 percent, making it the most viable business franchise deal in the market today.

  • Starting Your Own Massage Envy Franchise
    With the growing number of people going for Massage Therapy, franchising in Massage Envy is the best business opportunity for people with exceptional entrepreneurial skills that will help them develop and help the company grow into a competitive and updated business franchise.

  • Having Your Own Sports Clip Franchise
    No industry experience necessary, all you need to have is a financial capital to start the business and let your staff handle its growth. As the top hair cut salon franchise preferred by most males and one of the top 100 franchise companies in the US, Sports Clip can offer you full-time profit without the constraints of daily business accounting.

  • Knockouts-A Barbershop Franchising Business
    Knockout, which is one of the most popular barbershop franchise businesses in the US, requires an initial investment worth $150,000.

  • Anytime Fitness Franchise
    Investing your money in an Anytime Fitness Franchise, the world’s largest chain of 24-hour co-ed fitness developer, can be a very rewarding business venture.

  • Starting Your Own GNC Franchising Business
    General Nutrition Centers (GNC) Franchising Inc. has been one of the world’s leading vitamins and nutrition provider for the past decades. Started in 1935, the company now offers full line of mineral supplements, diet foods and drinks, and cosmetics.

  • Snap Fitness Franchise Information
    Snap Fitness Inc. has a proven and state-of-the-art fitness and workout track-record in its 5 years of existence. It’s one of the best franchising opportunities for people who want their business right at their doorstep.


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