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Curves, for women only fitness and health gym, is accepting franchising as long as the applicants are financially stable to meet all of the requirements and qualifications of the company.

Curves started doing business since 1992 in Harlingen, Texas by Gary Heavin who as taking his pre-med at that time.

Curves is a health and fitness gym that is open strictly for women only. In this business, they offer their clients with a wide range of workout plans, and diet programs by professional nutritionists. At first, this business was not going the right way. But Heavin never lost his hope in this business. That is why he pursued training and learning more from the experts as he recuperates from the downslide of his business. And with all effort and skills, Heavin conceptualized a gym for women.

With the great number of women customers in the country, Curves began accommodating franchisee applicants in 1995. Qualified franchisees may come from anywhere nationwide and worldwide. And for you to be a qualified franchisee, you have to be willing to let go of at least $28,170 to $39,595 as your total investment cost. As we all know, investment is broken down into several allotments. And among those is the franchising fee. When you agreed with the company’s terms and conditions, you are now expected to pay them at least $19,900 up to $24,900 for the franchising fee. Another responsibility is the on-going royalty fee. The company will charge you up to 6% of the entire sales for your on-going royalty fee. The agreement that you have signed under the company’s name is valid until five years. And once the contract expires, you may have it renewed with the company.

As a franchisee applicant, you must be credible enough to be able to present a net worth amounting to $75,000. You must give them proofs that you have $50,000 liquefied cash. With these proofs of your financial capability may allow the company to gauge whether you are stable enough to enter such a business with them.

The minimum number of employees that you will need in your unit to be able to operate is two. If you feel that you can develop and grow more when you have another franchising unit under the company’s name. You can certainly acquire another unit in your name. Curves is allowing its franchisees to have more than one unit. Actually, 50 percent of the franchisees have over one franchise unit.

There is no specific requirement that a franchisee must have the skills in fitness and health programs and gyms. That is why, the company is willing to have you trained by their professional trainers with the necessary skills that you will need in operating such a venture. For one week, you will be trained in the company’s headquarters. And in your franchise unit, you will be trained for four days. There are also scheduled training in regional meetings, conventions, and local events. Throughout your contract with Curves, you will be given the best support that you might need. The company will work with you hand in hand by providing you with newsletters, occasional meetings, toll-free phone line, support in your grand opening, internet, and field operations.


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