Start a Gold's Gym Franchise

If you want to start a business franchise that has something to do with health and fitness, then Gold's Gym fitness franchise is the best option for a businessman like you.

With a world-class business model and an innovative health care delivery under its belt, Gold's Gym through NVP can help you grow at an unprecedented rate and help you have leverage over the competition.

As people are becoming more health conscious nowadays, establishing a franchise business like Gold Gym’s have been very lucrative not only for people who avail themselves of a franchise but also for customers who want to save up on expensive health equipments in their homes.

But before you can start with your very own Gold’s Gym franchise, you must remember the responsibility and the price tag that comes with it. For you to be able to start a franchise of Gold’s Gym, you need to have a sufficient capital or funding to support all the requirements in one franchise.

You should have at least $800,000 net worth and has liquid assets not lower than $300,000. The Gold’s Gym franchisor will ask you if you have any previous experience in unit management or owned a business before in line with retailing and service industry.

The franchising fee, on the other hand, will cost you some $25,000 which will already cover all the expenses for employee training and management orientation.

Experience in handling and managing at least 20 to 35 employees is also a must before you can start a franchise. You should also be interested in health care, wellness activities, and fitness for you to qualify as a franchisee.

Meanwhile, the total investment in one franchise of Gold’s Gym ranges from $961,500 to $3.6 million. The architectural design of the franchise plays a role with the investment amount as owners of the company set a design philosophy which they claim as the best atmosphere a gym and health service center can offer to its clients.

The name of the business itself is already the asset of the company when it comes to advertising. The name recall and the service quality are at top level leaving all competition lagging behind.

The architectural design embodies the ultra-modern and dynamic energy of the community it is servicing. Comfort and easy access is the main goal of the company for franchisees like you.

Once you buy a franchise of Gold’s Gym, television and other forms of advertising will be available through co-op advertising to lighten the burden of advertising costs.

So what better way to invest your money in, than Gold’s Gym fitness centers.

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  • Andrew said on May 22, 2014
    Will send financials and resume; however, I am 159 cm and 116 kilos, will this affect my chances


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