Buying Athlete's Foot Franchise

This is brief information about buying Athlete’s Foot Franchise and some other information you would like to know about an athletic footwear store.

In year 1971, Robert and David Lando opened a store concentrating in footwear for athletes in Pittsburg.

And opened for franchise in year 1972 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin and its first international store were opened in Adelaide, Australia in year 1978. Today, there are 40 countries around the world that are operated through a franchise location and also operating its owned company. The store is selling branded athletic footwear and apparel. But of course, there are also stores made for women which concentrate on selling women apparel and footwear at Athlete’s Foot Her Stores.

Athlete’s Foot was the first franchisor of athletic footwear store and with 36 years of being in the industry of athletic footwear, Athlete’s Footwear has been acknowledged as the world’s top authority on franchising athletic footwear. There are upcoming developments with regards with new store and high technology system that will surely keep Athlete’s Footwear on the top of the competition that will assure business growth of the active brand.

Knowing the fact that many people are looking for a store that provides high quality brand of athlete footwear and apparel, Athlete’s Foot have gained its popularity by providing the demand of people with their longing for sports apparel and footwear. Athlete’s Foot is known to be on service in offering high end brand of athletic shoes and athlete’s accessories.

If you will be buying Athlete’s Foot Franchise a $39,900 fee is needed that go with your first store contract with a 5% ongoing royalty fee and total investment of $249.5K to $529.9K with 10 years of term of agreement which is renewable after end of the contract. Once you have joined and buy a franchise your next purchase of additional brand stores is discounted that will surely encourage growth on your business that will depend on your plan.

Master Franchise allows you for expansion of your store development within your territory and the opportunity of sub-franchising within your territory. Fees usually depend on the potential development of your store that is within your territory.

If you are willing to franchise a store, you must prepare financial requirements and it takes between $196,000 and $446,000 and is usually depend on the area and size of the store you will operate. You must have a net worth more than $200,000 and with liquid assets of less than $80,000. But of course, fees vary if you will be interested in buying the rights of a single store or will choose master privileges for a territory.

Once you have accomplished and your application is approved, the company will work on to finish your franchise agreements within 20 days and for Mater Franchise agreement can be lengthen beyond 20 days period. When building permits and plan are started, the store will be ready in about 6 weeks after authorization is confirmed.

Upon opening your own store, you will be qualified in having on-going support listed below:

  • Grand opening
  • Internet
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Field operations/evaluations
  • Toll-free phone line
  • Security/safety procedures

Marketing Support

  • Ad slicks
  • Regional advertising


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