Starting Your Own Massage Envy Franchise

With the growing number of people going for Massage Therapy, franchising in Massage Envy is the best business opportunity for people with exceptional entrepreneurial skills that will help them develop and help the company grow into a competitive and updated business franchise.

The Massage Envy ranked number one in the 2009 Entrepreneurial Magazine in terms of massage service category. Here are several things you need to know about Massage Envy franchising.

Being at the right place at the right time is always a good way to do business, especially if you want to invest in the Massage Envy Business franchise. And there is no better place and time than investing your money in the massage therapy business. The booming market in this business category is fit for people who want to have a business associated with their modern, yet, calm lifestyle.

Based on a study, more and more people are becoming more aware of what they want and what things are there to give them the right relaxation and be stress-free.

What You Need to Become a Massage Envy Franchisee

To qualify as a franchisee to a Massage Envy business, you’ll need to pass the $250,000 net worth qualification. You should, likewise, pass the cash liquidity requirement of $200,000.

The Basic Franchise Fees and Startup Costs

One Massage Envy therapy business franchise can cost you more than two hundred thousand dollars, which is relatively cheap compared to what you’re going to get from each salon. Your total investment in one Massage Envy business will range from $291,900 to $469,800 with a franchising fee of $39,000. But do not let this amount be a burden for your business start as the business offers a variety of rewarding opportunity for you and your business partners.

Massage Envy Franchise Earnings and Profit

One thing you’ll need to learn about this kind of business is location. Location is everything you need in order to have a successful and financially rewarding Massage Envy franchise. Since most of its clients are high-end people, most of the locations are located where businesses are also booming. Even if it’s high-end Massage therapy clinic, many of its clients are also employees who just want to have a relaxing day at the spa.

Training from Massage Envy Franchise

A creative team of well-experienced health, spa, and wellness staff will be at hand when you need one. Most business professionals want their massage to be relaxing and detoxifying that is why the company will give you a training module at the Massage Envy headquarters to teach you how to do the right massage and what kind of massage is suitable for each clients.

Massage Envy Franchise Advertising

Massage Envy business is affordable and relaxing; this is exactly what the company wants their client to remember. Most of the company’s clientele return every now and then to get the soothing massage service of the Massage Envy.

Massage Envy is one of the fast growing companies in the US and other parts of the world. It is affordable and well-rounded, which makes clients come back for more.


  • Gina Engler said on April 29, 2011
    I can't understand why there is not a Massage Envy location in Viera, Fl. It is an uprising community in the upper $ area. A brand new hospital just went in and it is packed with medical professionals who could use this company. Not to mention the women and elderly community. The closest one is in Orlando! The Avenue shopping center has available space for this franchise......and the people here need it!
  • kamalini singh said on January 12, 2012
    my self and family live in south of I20 and 360 in Arlington and was interested in owning a massage envy franchise, after my whole family take regular massages at the one at the highlands our family think it would be a great deal for us to own one. My ph is also 817-874-4008. Freddey sorry for calling you so late. have a great day!!! Kamalini


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