Kinderdance Franchise Information

Kinderdance is open for franchisee applicants who have the love for children and meet the other qualifications and requirements set by the company.

Kinderdance International is a learning and dance studio established by Carol Kay Harsell in 1979.

It gradually developed into a program with developmental dance, motor skills, gymnastics, music and fitness lessons as combined with children’s academic contents to invite in more prospective clients. They specifically cater for young learners from ages 2 to 12. With its growing number of enrolling children, they have decided to widen their wings by welcoming franchisees to spread their legacy among young boys and girls. And so since 1985, Kinderdance have started accepting franchisee applicants. They are seeking franchisees nationwide and other exclusive territories.

To be able to start a Kinderdance franchising business, you must be ready to invest a total amount of $14,950 to $46,100. When you have agreed already with the set contract by the company, you must pay their franchising fee amounting to a minimum of $12,000 and a maximum of $40,000. Expect to pay 5% of your total sales to the company for the on-going royalty fee. Their contract will be valid for ten years, and may be renewable upon your decision.
For you to be a qualified franchisee, you must have a total net worth of $10,000. Also, you must have liquefied cash amounting to $6,400. Kinderdance International is looking for applicants that have innate love for handling young learners, are able to do multi-tasking, are enthusiastically active, and have had sales and marketing experiences.

You may operate your franchising unit at your home as long as you have enough space and a environment conducive for learning. You will also be encouraged to have additional franchising units under Kinderdance, when the company has seen that you are operating and managing the business excellently. As a matter of fact, 3 percent of the company’s franchisees have more than one franchising units. You will only need one to two employees in one franchising unit to be able to start operation. The company is strictly implementing the rule that they do not allow absentee ownership of the franchising unit. Thus, they want to see you to be a hands-on owner and operator of the franchising unit to ensure its growth.

Once you already have your own franchising unit, you have all the right to upgrade your application by increasing in the number of locations and additional services and responsibilities. With just a small amount to be paid to the company, you may be handling several units across the country. Their levels in proper order and value are as follows: Bronze at $12,000; Silver at $20,000; Gold at $30,000; and Gold Plus at $40,000.

The training will be held in their headquarters. You will also be called for annual conferences to have further education on different relevant skills. Each conference will last for three days. Throughout your business experience with Kinderdance you will receive enough support from the company. You will be updated of the current trends and issues in the business to keep you informed at all times. There will be meetings provided for the franchisees regarding the company for further development. You can also reach them through their toll-free phone lines and website for more inquiries and suggestions. They will be with you even on your Grand Opening Day. And to make it more complete, they will have occasional visits in your location for safety and security procedures with the company’s representatives and purchase cooperatives.


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