How to Start Foot Solutions Franchise

If you wish to start Foot Solutions franchise, you have to begin with getting and learning the process. Know all the requirements and qualifications in order to become a Foot Solutions franchisee.

The Foot Solutions franchise is the world’s largest of its genre.

It specializes in Health and Wellness Specialty Retail Franchise, proper shoe fit and balance and support using only the most advanced in topographical foot mapping & gait analysis to produce custom arch supports (orthotics).

Foot Solutions provides solution and service to those with tired and sore feet. They specialize in computer foot scanning to create custom insoles and orthotics. Foot Solutions uses the most advanced technology and our trained professionals are equipped with a full understanding of biomechanics of feet and gait while supplying the highest quality footwear to fit your unique feet. Foot Solutions improves comfort and body alignment and helps customers achieve better health.

Foot Solutions Franchise Retail Company has more than 240 locations worldwide and is the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and proper fit. Start-up Costs & Franchises Fees are $195,700-$236,300 for the total investment, $27,500 for the initial franchise fee, 5% royalty fee with a term of agreement of 20 years. The renewal fee is 10% of the current franchise fee.

To start the Foot Solutions franchise, one must first understand the fundamentals by reading the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), (the prospectus filled with data registered with both the state and federal governments). The franchiser should also be contacted to explain or clarify what the person has learned from the franchisees. Next he must then confirm the developed information. After acquiring knowledge regarding the business, one may then visit the franchise to get a first hand experience on the business.

The focus is on the market between the medical shoe stores serving the medically challenged and the comfort shoe stores that have comfortable and attractive footwear. The market niches include health and wellness, active/sports, comfort and style, medical and arch supports and orthotics.

With almost 30 years of franchise experience and expertise the Foot Solutions business model has been perfected and with optimum growth potential. To become a successful business owner one must possess a reasonable average investment of approximately $200,000-$225,000. Great Hours of Operation is 10-6 Monday - Friday; 11-5 Saturday; Closed Sundays. Off on All Holidays. Labor Day costs are usually 2-3 employees. One will have very attractive profit margins, exclusive products and high consumer retention.


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