Open a LA Boxing Franchise

LA Boxing is a boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts gym that aims to develop the self confidence of its members through their fun and effective training programs.

Engaging in this business will allow the franchise owner to partake in a successful business model that has proven effectiveness and stability in giving you the opportunity to grow and develop your business.

LA boxing provides membership to their fitness classes to men and women of all ages. The franchise now has 12 gyms in 7 states, all of which have received awards within a year. It has since offered it clients and members a signature workout plan that is the key to their fun and effective routine. They adapt a unique concept of training that is delivered to the members in groups, to increase the participation and intensity of the program to its members. Not only do they have the best trainers and instructors but they also sell the merchandise that is used in training. The tools and equipment will all be bought direct from the manufacturer at factory prices and because of the increasing amount of people interested in starting a franchise at LA boxing, you will be able to get a wholesale discount as well.

LA Boxing is already a well established and recognizable brand, because of which it will not be difficult to market and advertise the business as compared to others in the same field. The support staff will supply the franchiser all the necessary advertisements that they will require especially in the opening of the club.

The franchise support team trains the salespeople and takes the liberty of recruiting all the professional instructors and trainer for the business. They practice a solid business model that proactively can seek support, promote staff and execute the proven solid business practice of successful franchise owners. There is no sports pre requisite to apply for the franchise, only the willingness and desire to commit to a quality and proven business that aims to improve and develop health and wellness through their programs. Business or marketing experience is a good advantage however.

To open an LA Boxing franchise the applicant will need a total investment of $180,400-$191,250, an initial franchise fee of $25,000 with a 6% royalty fee and 2% advertising fee. The training fees are set by the instructors and professionals. There are several location options to choose from, from freestanding commercial centers to a retail shop in the local shopping mall, it may even be placed in office or in campus areas. Inclusive of the total investment is the initial franchise fee, miscellaneous supplies, inventory, insurance, sign and graphics, office equipment, rent, multi media advertising program, leasehold improvements, tools and equipment, utilities, licenses, working capital and other miscellaneous expenses.


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