Verizon Wireless Franchise Opportunities

Verizon franchises attract the attention of business investors who have the experience in cellular telephones and communications. Among the services and merchandise offered include cellular accessories and telephones, GPS navigation software and hardware, Verizon FIOS, fiber optic network and wireless data software and hardware. The stores also ranked favorably in regard with franchise opportunities.

In obtaining Verizon wireless franchise opportunities, qualifying to the application is a prerequisite. Other essential things must also be paid attention to the success of the franchise in the long run. Below is a guide on how to obtain wireless franchise opportunities.

verizon wireless franchise

Collect the Tax Records/Financial Documents and Get a Loan

Collect the tax records and financial documents that could help determine the net worth including the amount of funds available for the investment. This is also in relation to the franchise store of a Wireless Zone. One of the requirements for a franchise in the year of 2012 consists of 125,000 dollars to 228,500 dollars. Apart from it, applicants need to prove 100,000 dollars in a liquid capital prior to the franchise opportunity.  

In addition to that, meeting with the local lenders in regard with pre-qualification of loan is the next best thing to consider. This will help in funding operating costs and initial fees for the franchise. Actually, the company provides in-house financing of start-up and franchise costs. They also research for business loans that are available and that provide interest rates. There are also lending fees provided for the finance packages of Wireless Zone.

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Make Use of a Request Form Online and Set up an Interview with the Team

The request from online can be used for the request of a franchise opportunity. In the form, among those that must be answered include email address, street, contact information and telephone number. The liquid capital for the investment in the store also needs to be emphasized for the ease and convenience in the wireless franchise opportunity.

Setting up an interview over the phone with the corporate franchise is also another consideration of a business owner. The franchise team will be there ready to handle the request of a client. They will answer via telephone request or via email for the interview.

In meeting the corporate franchise team, preparing in answering the questions is a must. The interest in telecommunication business is also needed to be specified. The reasons also need to be emphasized in relation to starting a Wireless Zone Franchise. The background experience, training, education must be carefully explained and related to store ownership.

Obtain, Sign the Franchise Agreement and Hire a Marketing Professional

Obtaining the Verizon franchise agreement and signing it is important. Even paying the application fees is also needed. In this regard, hiring a lawyer who has the franchise experience helps a lot. Through the help of this law expert, the document will be reviewed completely and the disclosure document will be evaluated properly.

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