Starting a Wireless Company

This age and time of the Internet calls for a permanent online access 24/7. Internet Cafes are no longer enough to fill the demand for this service.

If you are inclined to go in a venture where the market is huge and the demand is high, then it is wireless company. Read and learn how you can set up one.

As the Internet is becoming more and more of a necessity right now than just a mere kind of lifestyle, the demand for its access in one’s home is increasing. This is no longer the time when one just relies on Internet Cafe to check their mails and do business online. One hour spent in Internet Cafe is not enough to fill the time needed to do every work of an individual online. This in turn is also the same with his household who are also in need of online presence in their virtual activities and transactions. If one would see the potential of this reality for any entrepreneur thinking of a venture that has a huge market, then setting up a wireless company is the best thing that he ever has.

Setting up a wireless company can be done in a matter of two months. Aside from this, the venture in this industry does not need intensive human resource and only need a limited overhead to start with.

Here are some guidelines on how to set up a wireless company:

License for Wireless Company

This seems to be redundant to say. In order for you to operate a business, you need to get a permit from your local authorities. You can usually get this license from the county offices most probably located in the largest town of the county. Inquire about the fees for this kind of business and pay it.

The Higher You Are the Better for Wireless Company

Since what you are going to provide your clients is a wireless internet connection, it is advisable if you can rent a space in a tall building or a hill. This location is very crucial for your service.

High-speed Line for Wireless Company

In order for you to meet the technical requirements of setting up a wireless company, you will need to purchase a “business-class high-speed” line to your office location from an ISP provider. Those in the cable and phone business are usually the one who can provide you with the infrastructure for a high-speed Internet connection. You can request from these providers the highest speed available in their service. You can order up to T-1 connection so that you can accommodate growth in your business sooner or later. If your local ISP providers is not at par with what you need you can opt for the satellite system. The only downside of this is that it is slower.

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  • Terry said on February 6, 2013
    i live in Botswana, Gaborone i want to start a wireless company but dnt know where to start please help me. am a young lady of 21 and have the love to start a company related to internet and computers.....


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