Starting a Painting Company

Starting a painting company from the scratch can be made affordably and fast.

Would-be business owners of a painting company need to learn through the steps in order to make it successful and worthwhile.

It is said that starting a painting business is just simple but starting a flourishing painting business is not. Here are easy steps to start a painting company that will flourish as soon as possible.


Many painting contractors thought that planning is only a waste of time. Actually, they consider planning as good as an idle dreaming. What they want is to be on the actual job, simply paint the wall and earn money. However, painting the wall must only come after a series of stages that include estimating, estimating and sales. You need to ensure the figures you need, the profitable rate and a lot more. Considering these issues is all about planning. For instance, your goal is to earn at least $50,000 each year. How many job orders will you need to hit that goal? How many hours of work will it entail? What rates will you consider for you to earn your aimed amount? These are the concerns that must be answered. The rejection to face these issues or the failure to consider them is a call for depression, disappointment and of course, bankruptcy. If you will not know the solutions, how will you able to solve those problems that will hit your company? Even those effective plans might not work perfectly. There are various inconsistencies and inexplicable in managing a painting company. And luck of planning will certainly make every facet of your business unmanageable and irresolvable.


A lot of painting company owners, either professional or novice, believe that every owner has to know at a certain project and know its materials and time that it will take. This is actually the “eye ball” strategy of bidding. And it is inclined to a lot of problems. Two of the major concerns are that it completely depends on the contractor’s experience and mistakes are almost impossible to find out.


Most people may consider sales as a dirty word. But if you aim to have a flourishing painting business, you must also accept the truth that you are a salesman as well (although you can also employ a salesman). Before you can make a lucrative painting company, you need to be very effective in marketing paints as well as paint jobs. It is certainly feasible to begin a painting company without the need to follow these steps. As a matter of fact, a lot of painting companies perhaps did so. However, starting a painting company is not similar as starting other businesses. Never assume that you have to remake the wheel. Learn from mistakes and more particularly, the success of other painting companies.

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  • Roteebe said on June 22, 2011
    Hi, I am interested in starting a Painting business. I have been working as a painter for almost more than 15 years and planning to run a small painting business. So anybody out there wish to share their ideas related to start and running a painting business please be free to drop a line or contact me. Thank you. Roteebe


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