Starting Your Own Fiber Splicing Company

Fiber optics technology has been here for five decades and is still used in many communication installations. The market for this industry is extensive, and there is room for everybody to enter and participate.

If you are inclined to start a fiber splicing company, there is one thing you should first define: what technology to use.

Fiber optics technology has been here since the 1970s and is still used in many modes of communication today. Fiber optics are used in cable television, networking, LAN connection, etc. In this age and time of the burgeoning technology market, any services connected with fiber optics are in high demand. One of these is fiber splicing. Starting your own fiber-slicing company is possible and doable if you have been working as a communication engineer. This niche has a vast market, and you can create your place here that can give you financial security.

When starting a fiber splicing company, there is only one fundamental question: what technology to use? What technology are you going to use for your splicing procedures? Many technologies and methods are available for you to use in this aspect. Still, experts are advised that you must at least have chosen a type of technology for fiber splicing when starting your own company.

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Here are the technologies and methods that are available for you:

Fusion Splicing as a Method of Fiber Splicing

There is a popular and well-known technique in fiber splicing in the industry. This is fusion splicing. This process entails two or more fiber optics joining permanently by welding through an electronic arc. This process is a little bit sophisticated and challenging since there is a need for a precise cleaver if one wants less light loss. This also prevents problems such as reflection problems. Your company, at an estimate, will have to spend at least $1,000 to $4,000 to get a quality cleaver for precise work.

Mechanical Splicing for Fiber Splicing Company

The only difference between this method and technology is that you do not need a fusion splicer to do the work for you. This technology is considered far more straightforward, and heat does not need to do the job of splicing the fiber optics. You can do this by stripping the fiber optics of all protective coating. Then, the ends are met by mechanically joining them with a mechanical splice unit.

These technologies are your option when you start your own fiber splicing company. You can begin contracting work for your company if you are already definite with your work method.

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    Ridgeland, SC, 29936. I am starting to pull and splice fiber optic cable. I need to get some idea on how to price out the work. Can you help?
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    I am currently working in alcatel lucent just to see how the work is done. i want to start my splicing and fiber selling business. kindly give some suggestion how to initiate and is this business good to start in madhya pradesh.
  • jose said on May 3, 2014
    I am interested in moving abroad and take advantage of my skills in the fiber optics OSP field, I have a crew of good working people that can get the job done right the first time around. Let me know if I can be of help.
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