How to Start a Pet Insurance Company

With the ever growing population of homeowners adopting pet as one of their family members, a pet insurance company can be a good business.

The different policy coverage will protect you against financial risks accompanied with the caring of injured or sick pets.

The Necessity for a Pet Insurance

The citizens of the United States alone have approximately 130 millions of pet animals ranging from birds, dogs, cats, and even reptiles like iguana and chameleon. According to Debbye Turner, a veterinarian, getting a pet insurance can reduce financial euthanasia of pet animals. Financial euthanasia is when the treatment for the illness or injury of a pet is very expensive and is not affordable by pet owners leading them to a certain decision of putting the pet into sleep and ends its suffering. Pet insurance is more popular in the European countries rather than in the United States. The pet insurance companies are dramatically increasing in numbers in most states. They offer different kinds of insurance coverage against financial risks connected to the caring of injured or sick pets.

How to Start Your Own Business of Pet Insurance?

When starting a pet insurance company, you first need to contact the department in your state that controls the insurance industry to know the licensing requirements as well as additional credentials needed for the business. You must also learn and understand the different kinds of insurance options and its costs. There are insurance policies for pets that include checkups and immunizations of pets while other insurance policies only include accidents and illnesses. There are also different policy costs options such as deductibles, premiums, exclusions, annual, and incident limits.

Set up your business in both commercial office and online. Buy basic office equipment and furniture to operate your business. Buy computer with accounting, word processing, and database management programs software. For your website, have a web designer design your page and include some tough security features for your site’s protection. Keep a clear record of your accounting as well as billing systems. Keep in mind that insurance companies are more on documents so create a strong computer based organizational systems as well as its hard copy at the start of your business.

The last is to market and advertise your business in animals and pet publications. You can distribute brochures and business cards on local café or on community boards or just hand them over to people with a smile. Ask permission in veterinarian offices if you can leave your brochures there. You can also leave some brochures on some pet stores in your local and talk with the owners to get permission in conducting free-in store discussions about the insurance options.


  • Carolie Lloyd said on January 10, 2011
    Would like to create a pet insurance company in the caribbeans whereby the other caribbean islands can participate in by allowing their citizens of their islands to get insurance for their pets as well. Thank you.
  • pinky mavuso said on January 9, 2014
    i want to open my own company but i have only 35,000 for a start. what to do
  • Peter Nyagol said on February 3, 2015
    I am from Nairobi-Kenya. I am interested in starting an insurance company but mainly want to concentrate in small towns as big ones and city are monopolized by big same can i go about it
  • Keji Asada said on March 26, 2015
    Hi, I am frustrated about the cost of vets and would love to start a pet insurance company in Chicago, IL area. Can you help me guide where/how to start in Chicago? Thanks
  • Colleen McCoy said on October 31, 2015
    Would like to start a pet insurance company.I have been in the pet industry for over 10 years. Any other good advice on how to get started? I am in Colorado.
  • Tess Rodriguez-Lavariaz said on March 23, 2016
    Hi, I am also interested to start the same business of Pet Insurance in my country since there are no existing company such as this. I want to start it right in my own locality. I am a widow with 3 teenage kids and I wan to start this and I'm very interested to learn more about the business.
  • Grace Padilla said on April 28, 2016
    I thought that a post insurance company would be a good idea in my state. I've never seen an actual pretty insurance office here in New Mexico. How much money do I need and do I need to be bonded?
  • Linda Kelsay said on June 16, 2016
    I want to start a little w cost pet insurance company. My sweet dog died because I could not find help. The existing insurance companies either require you to have good credit or pay outrageous premiums. Please let me know how I would go about doing this.
  • a.s said on December 14, 2016
    Would like to start a pet insurance comp. In the caribbean.
  • Emmanuel mwangelwa said on December 5, 2022
    Hi, I'm also interested in starting my own pet insurance company I see it can be much helpful with such love I have for pets I think it's best to start it in (Zambia) my country since we don't have any here.


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