Wild Birds Franchise Opportunity

Backyard bird feeding is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in America today. Now, you can take advantage and start your own bird feeding store. Learn how you can grab the Wild Birds franchise opportunity.

If you are fond of birds or if you think it can be a very lucrative business then all you have to do is to learn how to start your own Wild Birds Unlimited nature store.

This company has already established a name especially in their specialization in providing bird watching and feeding supplies. To start your own store, you just need an initial franchise fee of $18,000. For the initial supplies and equipment, you are only required for a total investment of $91,000 to $153,000 depending on the store that you want. The annual royalty fee is only 4% lower than any kind of franchises in the country. The term of agreement is for 10 years. Read on and learn more about Wild Birds franchise opportunity and know why you must choose this kind of business.

Wild Birds Unlimited stores have nearly 300 franchisees in North America and still growing. The company is proud to have the best Certified Bird-feeding Specialists who are well-trained to give the utmost environment for birds at home, yards, or any habitat in the country. They know how to treat the birds well that gives happiness to their owners. On the other hand, the quality of their supplies is remarkable owing to the fact that it has been researched by experts for over 25 years now. They have state-of-the-art feeding equipments that are saleable in the market today. Another thing that attracts customers is the lifetime guarantee of the products that they offer which means that they are really durable and with good design. Bird feeds are guaranteed fresh and are especially formulated with 100% seeds that will satisfy and nourish the birds.

Aside from the products that they provide such as bird feeders, bird food, bird baths, and birdhouses, they also provide service in educating bird owners about their local birds by giving these customers the accurate knowledge and information. This is a total service that the company has been offering their customers that is why they are the most sought-after bird feeding companies in North America today. They simply give their customers the utmost experience in maintaining birds which is exciting, fulfilling, and a relaxing hobby.

By being a franchisee of this wonderful company, you will be able to take advantage of their different kinds of support in order to become more successful. Before the store opens, you can get assistance in your business plan construction which includes finding a great location and lease negotiation. You can also get help with retail training, store layout and design, and other kinds of training. During your operation, you can also get intensive management and marketing support from the company. Now, this is truly one of the best franchise opportunities that you can have!


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