Owning a Gateway Cigar Franchise

For individuals who want to own a Gateway Cigar franchise, this article can provide you with information about starting one in your neighborhood. Find out what it takes to become a Gateway Cigar franchisee.

In 1983, Michael Aychental and David Goldman founded Gateway Newsstands and started franchising in the same year.

With more than 300 stores in North America that includes branches in Toronto, Chicago and New York.

With their hands-on approach, they are the one who chose the location of each franchise owner. Most of the franchisee usually works from stalls in a big office building and they sell candy, cards, and drinks, reading material, tobacco, lottery tickets, snacks and other fancy buys. The store is usually open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Gateway Cigar Franchise is a convenience store that sells different items that most people need. The goods mix is put together to supply daily needs of different shoppers. Retailing products like snacks, candy, cards, reading material, beverages and lottery are made available to the public through Gateway Franchise store. The convenience of having everything you need in a store is what Gateway Newsstand has been doing for so many years.

It has established nationwide stores as one of the leading national tobacco/news store specialist. And for over 43 years the companies have gain popularity and experience in terms of providing basic necessity to the public.

Over 400 Gateway Newsstand Franchisor that usually lease a space of 75 square feet up to 700 square feet on lobby locations of high tower offices, shopping centers in USA and Canada. Gateway offers major location and leasehold enhancements, equipments, fixtures and operations knowledge.

For more development plans they have identify the importance of starting up a Gateway store and now presently assessing 80 future locations in major buildings from New York to Los Angeles in Unite States and from Halifax to Vancouver in Canada.

Gateway is purely franchised company and does not operate as corporate units. To obtain franchise, referrals are needed from major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Ottawa and Philadelphia, though it needs periodic advertisement to boost the collection of good quality possible operators of the business.

Plans for the future for Gateway is clear, the plan for expansion is really quick compared to competitors. Operators are promoting the store sales and provide customer satisfaction. Such service is hard to copy with company personnel which will make the store a good ambience and an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.

If you want to own a Gateway Cigar Franchise you need to invest a total of $55,900 up to $501,800 with an initial franchise fee of $15,000 to $125,000 and it also include a royalty fee of 3.5%. The term of agreement of the franchise is 5 years, which also include support through newsletter, grand opening, internet, toll-free phone line, field operations/evaluations and security/safety procedures. Other marketing support includes head office and field support, other requirements in franchising includes net worth of $200K with cash liquidity of $75K.


  • appolin ngu said on March 30, 2012
    i want to buy a gateway newstand at dupont subway station and am in toronto and the lease is ending in two years is it a good idea.
  • Dennis said on May 5, 2014
    I am planning to buy a gateway franchise at Dupont subway is it a good buy and what should the value be for the store with inventory around $4000.00
  • Pugglot said on June 11, 2015
    Hello if you have any interest in buying gateway at this location please contact Latif Merali: 416-324-2822


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