How much is a 7-11 Franchise

One of the hardest things to do in putting up a business is choosing which particular niche in the population you would like to be as your target market.

Determining the particular type of business that you want to start up will help you in increasing your chances of being successful.

Consider 7-11 as one of your choices on deciding which type of franchise you would like to put up.

It is very hard to make a decision about the type of business that you want to start. If you start a business of your own, there are things that you need to do but the success is not guaranteed. But there is actually a business wherein the risk of being a failure is diminished because of its effective marketing or business plan; the 7-11 franchise.

You may be wondering on why 7-11 has become one of the most successful franchise companies that we have today. Well, the answer lies in the products that 7-11 sells. 7-11 actually conducts a field research whenever it wants to start up a franchise in a certain location.

In order for you to become a franchisee of 7-11, there are some requirements that you need to meet first. Actually, the requirement depends on the location where you would like to build a 7-11 convenience store in. The investment ranges from $65,000 to as high as $225,000.

Since 7-11 is a convenience store, it serves a wide array of customers. Meaning, anybody is considered as one of the target market. Usually, the amount of profit that every franchisee gets in a year is at $70,000, more or less.

In case that you do not have the enough money in purchasing a 7-11 franchise, you can always seek financial assistance from different financial institutions such as banks and lending firms. But you should remember that you should only borrow the amount of money that is within your paying capability to ensure that you will be able to repay it when the due time comes. You do not want be insolvent during the early stages of your business. The higher the amount that you borrow, the higher the interest and other fees will be.

Although there are lots of companies who want to compete with 7-11, still 7-11 remains as the top convenience store not only in the United States but also all around the world. This proves that 7-11 is a very reputable company when it comes to franchising. 7-11 is known to provide products and even services to customers with the highest quality possible. One thing that is good about 7-11 franchise is that they allow their franchisees to develop, provided that they still meet with the standards of 7-11.


  • Juliet Tan said on December 9, 2010
    i really interested in subang area which is near subang medical centre if i can get that area i will be very happy n trying my very best to work hard cos i got 15year in this line i really hope u can consider n pls reply me Thanks
  • jesus garcia said on September 18, 2012
    I want to setup a 7-11 in Las vegas nevada
  • Me arif said on January 22, 2016
    I want to open a no station at bidar karnataka 8746081111
  • Haroon Nazary said on July 13, 2016
    I want to open a 7-11 in Ontario Canada. Call 519.498.3360 me or email me please


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