Trader Joes Franchise Opportunities

Trader Joes offers unique and interesting items and does not carry a lot of branded names.

If you want to engage in a selling franchise that offers basics that are interesting and out of the box then the Trade Joe's franchise is for you.

Trader Joe's is the ideal product line that sells unique products that are originals and usually will not be sold again. This is what makes Trader Joe's the unique shopping adventure for any interested shopper. The store offers all their products at very low and affordable prices that they consider their stock as 'always on sale'. Because of their unique stock and varying availability of items, they have no distinct item prices, and with this, their stock prices vary per location of the establishment. At times they even discontinue the selling of their products, mostly because they are either seasonal or are not strong sellers. Trader Joe's wants to make sure that the customers are able to benefit from the low prices of all of their items.

Trader Joe's is a privately held company and does not franchise or publicly trade. It started in the 1950s and was originally known as Pronto Markets and in '67 the name was changed to Trader Joe. From then on the company has continued to not only provide unique products for their customers but also good food and beverages. They purchase their goods directly from the suppliers and change their suppliers from time to time in order to give their customers a wide variety of products which often makes their stocks very seasonal as you cannot always find the same item in their stores regularly.

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Per trader Joe's branch, each has direct involvement with neighborhood events and activities. Though the company does not directly offer franchising opportunities one may still engage in Trader Joe's activities. If you are interested in what trader Joe's has to offer then it is best to visit them directly at the nearest trader Joe’s branch near you or to visit their website and email the support staff for more information. You may also be interested in selling their products and goods and become a Trader Joe’s vendor. If you are passionate about the unique products that Trader Joe's has to offer then you may be interested in becoming a vendor. To apply, fill up the vendor inquiry form available on their website and select the category in which you are interested.

Trader Joe's currently has around two hundred and forty branches in around nineteen states, each selling products under the company's own private label. The Trader Joe's label is a trusted one that makes sure that all their customers find exactly what they want, with ease. You can rest assured that the business opportunities that Trader Joe's has to offer will be truly profitable.

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  • Brenda Davis said on October 26, 2011
    trader joes would do excellent in the state of vermont. i have shopped at them when i lived out of state. please send me more information. the area i am in is Burlington, Vermont, Chittenden County US. thank you
  • ketan bhakta said on October 31, 2011
    San Antonio tx.. Been here for 16 years. Interested in bringing more awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Both mentally and physically. My Family is in farming in India and groceries in the uk. Retired. 42 years old. Thank you.
  • Stephanie Bowers said on February 7, 2012
    Fayetteville, North Carolina would be an excellent location for a Trader Joes. Fayetteville is the home of Ft. Bragg, and our military populace come from diverse backgrounds and are world travelers. I personally make it a point to go to a Trader Joes when I'm in Raleigh or Charlotte.
  • Iris Hardin said on March 13, 2012
    Although there are several Trader Joe's in the Seattle Area, they are far and few between. Every time I get a chance I shop at Trader Joe's and would like more information on getting started in this business. I know of an excellent location that would be ideal for a Trader Joe' store. Thank you.
  • Deanna Nettles said on April 3, 2012
    Interested in sharing with the community the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle in Warrenton, Virginia. Please send me information on getting started in this business.
  • pat farrell said on April 26, 2012
    I am interested in starting up a business of trader joes in sioux falls, sd. Please send info. Thanks
  • Dr. Charanjeev Anand said on May 4, 2012
    I am interested in starting up a trader joes in Glen Cove, NY 11542. I feel it will be a wonderful addition to the community. Thank you. Sincerely, Charanjeev Anand, D.C.
  • Laura Jones said on May 7, 2012
    I'm interested in opening a Trader Joes In North Macomb, Michigan area. The closest Trader Joes is in Grosse Point. MI. which is about 25 mile. I'm not sure if you have any business opportunity's available. Can you send me any information on opening a Trader Joes. Thanks you, Laura Jones
  • Marcia Stolp said on May 8, 2012
    We live in Cheyenn, Wyoming, Trader Joes would be an excellent place for our community. Been to several in the LA area. What is the possibility?
  • gary stanbridge said on May 17, 2012
    Avondale az would like to know if any trader joes will be coming anytime soon interested in opening store in that area Thx
  • Lisa LaBruno said on May 17, 2012
    Clinton (Hunterdon County), New Jersey would be a fabulous vacation for a Trader Joe's. The closest one is in Florham Park which is about 40 minutes away. Lots of healthy eaters living healthy lifestyles in Hunterdon County, New Jersey!! And, lots of stay-at-home moms who like to cook healthy foods for their athletic kids! How do I get more information?
  • BB said on June 2, 2012
    South of the Atlanta Airport: Newnan or LaGrange or even Columbus, GA would be excellent locations for a Trader Joe's. I would be interested in opening a franchise.
  • JKLEIN said on June 9, 2012
    Fairview Heights, IL would be a great location! Please forward information. Thank you!!
  • Lisa Walker said on July 9, 2012
    North Lake Tahoe, CA would be a great location for a Trader Joe's! The only one closest to us is in Reno, NV and that is a 45 minute drive. We would be interested in opening up a Trader Joe's in Tahoe. Please send information!
  • Erica said on July 20, 2012
    I would LOVE a TJ's in Brisbane Australia! We do not have anything like it over here and I feel like we live in the stone age!!! There are many people who would absolutely LOVE IT!
  • SherRee Allen said on July 21, 2012
    I would like to have a Traders Joe"s in Ames, Iowa. Could you give me some info on starting one. Thank You
  • Debbie Zamonis said on July 26, 2012
    Am interested in starting a Trader Joe's in Florida around zip 32949. Awesome area......I love that store.
  • Will Clark said on July 30, 2012
    Huntsville, Alabama needs a Trader Joe's. Here are reasons why:
    1. 4th highest annual salary in the south
    2. 2nd largest research park in the country
    3. More PHD's per capita than any city in US
    Just goggle huntsville, AL. Do some research, you won't regret. Let me know if you are interested. Would love to start Huntsville's first TJ's!
  • Dolores Rudolph said on August 7, 2012
    I live in Nogales, Arizona, border town with Mexico, and we do not have a Trader Joe's store here. I would like more information please. Thanks
  • Mary Erikson said on August 11, 2012
    We need a Trader Joe's in Bel Air MD- We are tired of making the nearly 14 mile commute to Towson :) I know you would do incredibly well here in Bel Air MD! If you could franchise I would open it here! Thank you!
  • Aleah Charney said on August 11, 2012
    I agree with Will Clark. The demand is already in Huntsville, Al. People will appreciate the faster check out and small feel of a trader joes. Trader joes selection is always good, inexpensive and selective. They choose 3 or 4 products and select the one best! Huntsville residents would LOVE it!!!
  • Dianne&Richard Jenkins said on August 11, 2012
    We " live in Evans Georgia and feel this is a great location for a Trader Joes we have a brand new Food Lion that just closed its doors the building is in a perfect spot Washington Road and Belair Road and we have a real need for a Trader Joe's please contact us to discuss if this is possible
  • Brettb said on August 18, 2012
    Hello, I live in Rome, Ga. 60 or so miles from Atlanta. The major grocer here is Kroger ( way to $$$). Rome is starving for a business like this. We support three colleges a large medical and legal community, drawing employees from Ala. Adairsville, Calhoun, Rockmart, Cedartown, and many more. If Trader Joes were to ever grace our town with a new location, it would not be able to keep the shelves stocked. Hopefully Waiting, BrettB.
  • Frances McMullen said on August 25, 2012
    I live in Midland, MI, USA. I was hoping to start a new business in our town, home of Dow Corning and Dow Chemical. We are a very family oriented area, and very health conscious. Trader Joe's would do very well here, as the closest such business is in Ann Arbor, MI. Thank you for any information you could send! Frances McMullen
  • Kelly Green said on September 9, 2012
    I am very interested in starting a Trader Joe's in the Daytona Beach area. Thank you for any info you could send me on it!
  • Christina Turchetto said on September 9, 2012
    Hi. I would like to open a Trader Joes in Roseburg Oregon. I appreciate any information you could send! Thank you!
  • Trudy Smith said on October 1, 2012
    what are the opportunities for introducing a Trader Joe's in the Harrisburg/Hershey, Pennsylvania (USA) area? There are stores in the Philadelphia (90 miles away) area and/or the Maryland area (again 90 miles away). I feel confident that a Trader Joe's would do well in this area; after all Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. I do know that there is a Trader Joe's coming soon to State College (70 miles north). Thank you!
  • Jennie said on October 10, 2012
    Hello my name is Jennie I'm interested in opening a trader Joes. I have a passion for their products and know it would do good. Benicia ca.
  • Joe winn said on October 13, 2012
    When you do offer franchises , put me in your contact list. You've got the best opportunity to compete with the big chains & I would like to help.
  • Jason Thrash said on October 17, 2012
    I would be very interested in opening a Trader Joes in Marion Illinois. Marion is a growing community with lots of great opportunity. The closest Trader Joes is 100 miles away in St Louis, MO. I would love the chance to discuss this with someone.
  • BRUCE VANDEN BOS said on November 2, 2012
  • Pamela Burkard said on November 3, 2012
    Trader Joe's would fit right in with the island ambiance of New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA! I would love to open it! Please forward information.
  • kevin gay said on November 4, 2012
    appleton wi. needs a joe's we drive to milwaukee. we love to shop joe's. as a home chef I love all the ingredients and your diverse range of products. bring one to appleton! ASAP!
  • Kevin Gaty said on November 5, 2012
    Woodhaven Michigan. Ideal spot plenty of local relief from local government. Also close to I 75. So the chance of Ohio traffic is great. There is currently a Kmart going out of business that I'm sure the city would offer you a great business real on for tax purposes. Also there are tons of businesses around. Just a thought. I have discussed with plenty and all feel if you had a location in this area you wouldn't be sorry. Have a great holiday.
  • Laura Rendeczky said on November 10, 2012
    I am interested in looking into the possibility of opening a franchise in springfield Illinois. Please send information
  • Priscilla cusenbary said on November 14, 2012
    Hi I'm interested in the possibility @ looking @ opening a trader joes franchise in my town , GRaham , Texas 2 hours north of Dallas . Please contact me @ Thank u , Priscilla cusenbary
  • Diane Johnson said on November 18, 2012
    I am interested in a Trader Joes in Marinette Wisconsin. This would be a great area to build one. Any chance of getting a franchise for this area? We are 50 miles from Green Bay Wi. Please contact me either way. Thank you
  • Budhi Keren said on November 18, 2012
    I am interested in having a Trader Joes in London, Ontario, Canada. I would love to have your store here in Canada. Please forward information.
  • armon nagpal said on December 1, 2012
    hi this is armon nagpal i am in business since 10 years in ontario canada and i am interested to open a franchise of trader joe's store in ontario canada. please reply thanks
  • Heidi Clark said on December 2, 2012
    The closest Trader Joe's to me is 3 hours away. My entire family and many friends are loyal fans. We are located in the tri-state area of Ashland, Kentucky, Huntington, West Virginia and Ironton, Ohio. Please forward information about becoming a part of the company.
  • jennifer nemeth said on December 4, 2012
    Woodhaven, MI would be a fantastic place for a trader joes. We have soace on van horn. Perfect for all downriver people who go out to novi 45 min- 1 hour drive.
  • Kathy said on December 9, 2012
    Might as well put Erie, PA on the list...closest stores are Cleveland and Pittsburgh! We shop TJs where ever we them and we have been to 48 states.
  • Saniya khan said on December 16, 2012
    We live in east Lansing MI , home of the Spartans, at the heart of which is the Michigan state university. This would be an ideal location for a trader Joe's with a significant population of people who want affordable , wholesome healthy food products. Perfect for mid Michigan. The nearest trader joes is an hour and a half away from us.
  • Lorraine Nelson said on December 17, 2012
    I'm interested in opening a Trader Joes In The Dalles, OR 97058 area. The closest Trader Joes is in Vancouver, WA. which is about 82 miles away. Would you send me information on opening a Trader Joes. Thanks you.
  • Rabani Sadeed said on December 17, 2012
    I live in Laguna Niguel, California.and I am interested to open a franchise Trader Joe's store,Please reply. Thank you, Rabani Sadeed
  • bill chapman said on December 23, 2012
    I live in Atlanta, however I visit my brother who lives in Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta is centrally located in South Georgia and I and my brother would certainly like to look into a franchise opportunity for a store there.
  • Chad bellows said on December 28, 2012
    Phoenix Arizona north Phoenix 23rd ave and happy valley rd. there is nothing this area and this would be hot spot for trader joes. Huge community and everyone is asking for this type of store in this area.
  • Jacqueline Dean said on January 9, 2013
    Little Rock, AR is a small but rapidly growing city that NEEDS and would love for a Trader Joe's. There is nothing like it here and I would love to start one.
  • Leif said on January 9, 2013
    Dito to everyone one else. Ogden utah. Closest trader joes Is in s.l.c. Ogden is moving forward has had a strong economic growth through the ups and downs. Trader joes would be awesome in ogdens future. Any opportunities available I would love to assist. Leif
  • Janet Luntz said on January 18, 2013
    Would love to hear about franchise opportunities near Canton, Ohio.
  • Chip said on January 19, 2013
    I am interested in a Traders Joes in the Memphis, Tennessee area. My family and I love the one in Raleigh, NC and go every time we visit. I would love to bring one to Memphis. Please contact me about this venture.
  • Meg said on January 20, 2013
    With a heart for health and nutrition, I am interested in bringing a Trader Joe's to New Albany, Ohio. New Albany is home to the Limited Brands headquarters along several CEOs, doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc. Trader Joe's would greatly benefit the area as many people here have to inconveniently travel a ways to get to the nearest location. I would love more information on this and look forward to serving this area!
  • Sue said on January 21, 2013
    Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Corridor needs a Trader Joes! The only one in the entire state of Iowa is in West Des Moines. This area is home to the U of I and just off I80 and I380 making easy access to all the surrounding communities. How can we make this happen?
  • Linda Trask said on January 21, 2013
    Lafayette, Louisiana needs Trader Joe's ....How have y'all completely missed the south?
  • Stacy Williamson said on January 23, 2013
    I am extremely interested in opening a Trader Joe's in Brunswick County NC. We have an average of 7 families a day moving into the area. We have Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Sunset Beach and Oak Island in this county. We have a lot of vacationers in the summer time and we have several cross fit gyms who promote healthy awareness throughout the county. My husband and I workout 5-6 days a week and eat healthy. This would be exciting bringing this to our community!
  • Becky said on January 23, 2013
    I am in Madison, AL and totally agree with what was written about why Trader Joe's would do so well here. We have a couple of similar places, but they are too expensive and not nearly as unique or friendly. I would LOVE to open a TJ franchise!
  • Rachel said on January 24, 2013
    Flagstaff, Arizona. Perfect location and demographic for a TJs. Please send information. Thank you.
  • sarah fuller said on January 28, 2013
    I live in Clarksville, TN but I have to travel to Nashville for anything remotely healthy. We are in desperate need of a local grocery store with better options then Krogers or Publix. Wish I could start up a business like Trader Joe's.
  • Kathryn said on January 28, 2013
    Green Bay, WI needs a TJ....milwaukee is too far to drive and EVERYONE here Loves TJ....Would love to open a franchise here....when are you going to franchise...look at all the opportunity above for you.
  • laurie estrada said on January 31, 2013
    Roscoe I'll would be the perfect place for a Trader Joe's. This is a wealthy middle class area with many up and coming modern restaurants. Please send me info on the business opportunity. Thank you
  • Bobbee Alkema said on February 2, 2013
    This article says that you do not franchise but that you do sell to "vendors." Please explain and tell me what is available. Interested in the state of NC probably Pinehurst area.
  • Justin Orr said on February 2, 2013
    I would love to receive some information on vendor opportunities. I shop at the Indianapolis, Indiana locations and I would love to bring the products to the Greenfield and New Castle areas east of Indy. Thank you!
  • Kate G said on February 4, 2013
    Warwick/Florida, NY. Please send a vendor opportunity info. Being TJ's shopper every week for 10 years made me fan of this label.
  • Chantal Schmonsees said on February 6, 2013
    Would you be interested in opening stores in Beirut, Lebanon (Middle East)and Dubai? We would love to sell the products(maybe different name than Trader Joe's)but same products. Please advise if you are interested in this new market opportunity.
  • Brad Grattan said on February 8, 2013
    Kalispell MT. Our valley would be a great location for a store.
  • Truc Ly said on February 12, 2013
    Mishawaka, IN. They are opening a whole foods, but that's too expensive for some. Traders would be good for this town. Notre Dame is next door and we have 4 other colleges like St. Mary's, Bethel College, and IU. Barnes n Noble opened a new building and left the old one vacant on Grape Rd.
  • robert young said on February 13, 2013
    interested in a franchise of trader joes in Stroudsburg pa,
  • Geri Kelly said on February 15, 2013
    Westminster, MD. 21158. although it is stated that Trader Joe's does not directly offer franchise opportunities, i may still be able to "sell" their products. not sure what the difference is, but would love more information on how to do so.
  • Karla K Poppy said on February 16, 2013
    New London WI. Love going to trader joes wish we had one closer to us we have to drive 21/2 hours to get to one Appleton would be good location. Would love to have franchise
  • p nagar said on February 17, 2013
    Love to own one in san francisco bay area
  • Rhonda Littlefield said on February 19, 2013
    Would love to receive some information on vendor opportunity. Thank you.
  • Colleen Overstreet said on February 19, 2013
    Godfrey Illinois, Madison County area, interest in Trader Joe's store. None in the immediate area....
  • Susan Fried said on February 26, 2013
    Ashland, Kentucky is looking at trying to start a fresh market here in our community. We are thrilled that a Trader Joe's has opened in Lexington however, we would like to see one here. Presently, I am on a committee which is in the process of researching and looking into options for the Ashland area. Is it possible to start out as a vendor and become a full market once it has become obvious that there is a demand for fresh, organic, delicious produce, meats and groceries.
  • John Wright said on February 27, 2013
    I live in Takoma Park, MD. While I shop at the Trader Joe's in DC and Bethesda, I always wished to walk to a TJ's in my home town. The culture of the store would be an ideal fit for the vibe in our community. I would enjoy reading more information on making this a reality.
  • Suzanne Pierick said on March 1, 2013
    My husband and myself are interested in opening a Trader Joe's in Traverse City Michigan. We would like some franchise information. I have shopped at many Trader Joe's in many states, and feel our area could greatly benefit from a Trader Joe's.
  • Carrie said on March 8, 2013
    I would like to see a Trader Joe's in St. Charles, MO. We certainly could support the store here. I drive 20 minutes or longer to Creve Coeur, MO which is the closest. What are the necessary steps to put this plan into action? Thanks
  • Chris Wickland said on March 19, 2013
    I am interested in information about opening a Trader Joe's in Eau Claire, WI. Our closest TJ's is in Woodbury, MN which is over an hour drive. I feel the Eau Claire area needs more organic choices. Thank you.
  • kim smith said on March 20, 2013
    Although there are two trader joes in the Portland Oregon area, there are none for the gresham / sandy area. it would be such a success
  • Alex said on March 23, 2013
    Can you plz advice how to open Trader Joe's in Nj
  • Janet Hadt said on March 24, 2013
    Just wanted to let you know of just the right space that I think is available in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Not interested in opening one but thought someone should. This is a growing community. Mayo and marshfield doctors, hiking and biking trails. Beautiful city. Trader joes would be a really good fit for the city. Only trader joes by us is in south St. Paul Minnesota which is 90 miles away. If you would like more information contact chamber in Eau Claire.
  • Stacy said on March 24, 2013
    I am really interested to open a Trader Joe's store in Lincolnshire, IL. where has the top school system and high income in the state. Can you please send me more information?
  • Albert Barksdale said on March 25, 2013
    Desire to start a Trader Joe's in Athens, AL just off Interstate I-65. Great proximity to Huntsville, Decatur, Nashville, Birmingham, etc without the traffic problem in those areas. Email me with the details to get started. Thanks ADB
  • Tonnett said on March 27, 2013
    I am interested in starting a Trader Joes in Bullhead City, AZ or in Kingman, AZ. Our closest place to go is in Las Vegas, NV. I have a son with so many allergies and needs special foods (fresh), I have so many other people here who also would like to eat better. Please send me the information. Thank you
  • Jonathon Sass said on April 2, 2013
    I used to live in Chino Hills California where I first discovered Trader Joes, I have since moved to a great little town near Syracuse named Manlius, this town has been voted one of the top one hundred best places to live, its a great family oriented and healthy place to live and i would be honored to open a Trader Joes store in my town, please take me into consideration for this opportunity , thank you Jonathon sass
  • Edgar said on April 3, 2013
    I am highly interested in opening a Trader Joe's in Brevard County, Florida it seems there a few on the west coast of FL but none on the east coast. I want to help the community on an affordable track to excellent health. Viera, Florida would probably be the best the city is building up fast and it is centrally located and not far from Orlando. Please contact me with more information thank you
  • Marc & Patty Macomber said on April 13, 2013
    I currently work for a Fortune 500 Company called the Dwyer Group. 1500 franchises in seven different concepts. I have 20+ yrs experience in running a business and marketing nationwide. I am interested in a Trader Joe's (I know you don't franchise currently) the NW Suburbs of Minneapolis. the people up here are very much into physical fitness and healthy living. it would be a good fit.
  • A Raeisi said on April 17, 2013
    I am interested in information about opening a Trader Joe's in Dubai, UNited Arab Emirates. I feel the Gulf needs more healthy and organic choices. Thank you.
  • Jas Sandhu said on April 17, 2013
    Hi there, I am interested in opening a trader Joe's in Bellingham, Wa or anywhere in state of Wa. Please provide me with the info and opportunities available. Thanks. Regards, Jas.
  • Debbie White said on April 20, 2013
    I have visited Trader Joe's several times in Virginia and believe in your products. I live in the Lake Mary, Florida area which is rated very high in the best Cities to live in and feel Trader Joe's would make a wonderful addition to our city. I would love the opportunity to be part of this fantastic brand. Please forward information. Thank you, Debbie White
  • Amarilys Silva said on April 24, 2013
    I am interested in franchise opportunities in Puerto Rico
  • Michelle Mohler said on May 3, 2013
    I am a Trader Joes enthusiast without a local Trader Joes! I would love to open a Trader Joes in Chambersburg, PA 17201
  • Chris Hills said on May 4, 2013
    I love trader joe's and think there is a wonderful opportunity on Johns Island, SC outside of Charleston, SC
  • Marcy Pippenger said on May 9, 2013
    My husband and I are interested in operating a Trader Joes in Eau Claire Wisconsin. We currently drive 1 hour to MN to get our wonderful products. We both have Masters degrees and are in supervisory positions. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Jonathon Sass said on May 14, 2013
    I've expressed my interest in opening a trader joes in my town but never received a response, has anyone else received a response? To trader joes I do have the funds to make this happen, but I am wondering if this is just being used as a search engine to find locations for your own gain.
  • Georgia Tusch said on May 22, 2013
    I am a entrepreneur living in London, Canada. I would love to open a Trader Joes in Toronto, please contact
  • Rick Blake said on June 13, 2013
    We think that Trader Joe's would do very well in Lynchburg, VA. My wife and I have experience that would do well in running this operation. I have owned and run a business for over twenty years. Lynchburg, VA is a growing City, and with Liberty University, a growing Christian University, the largest Christian University in the world, we have a growing and diverse population that would love a Trader Joe's. I hope you would consider Lynchburg, VA
  • Scott Whip said on July 10, 2013
    Trader Joes does not sell Franchises. It is a private held company.
  • Jason huey said on August 28, 2013
    I am near Reading, Pa. The closest Trader Joes is 40 minutes away. I would love to open a franchise here. Please contact
  • Leo said on September 9, 2013
    I am interested in starting a Trader Joes in Ormond beach FL.Closest Trader Joes is in Gainesville‎ FL‎. 105 miles. Please send me the information. Thank you. Leo
  • Chris said on September 13, 2013
    I live in Boise Idaho have been here for over 20 years . Been to trader joes all over in my travels what a great place. Love it. Boise is growing extremely fast as big companies are continuing to bring their corporate offices and manufacturing plants here. I think this would be a great place to bring a trader joes to. I am very interested in your company and would love the opportunity to bring your wonderful company and products to our state. Will be waiting to find out more about this opportunity. Thank you


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