Things to Know About Aaron's Sales & Lease Franchising Ownership

Aaron's Sales and Lease Ownership has been one of the leading companies in the furniture leasing and sales in the US. The company is also among the top two companies in the rent-to-own furniture industry.

But furniture is not the only product that Aaron's Sales and Lease offers; it also has a long selection of electronic products and other household appliances.

opportunity, then Aaron’s Sales and Leasing company is the best way for you to start a prosperous business break and be one of the franchisee of one of the AllStar franchise.

Requirements and Qualifications Needed to be a Franchisee

Among the top requirements of the Aaron’s Sales and Lease franchise is a strong financial capability. The company, according to their website, requires around a net worth of $450,000 to start the franchise running. Another financial requirement that the company asks for is a $350,000 liquid capital.

However, if you don’t have the required capital in your pocket, the company allows bank financing for you to be able to start a business. But the company said that they will only allow this if you qualify to their review.

Other than the financial capability, a good business sense, previous business success, and basic experience are also needed before you can have a franchising business deal with Aaron’s Sales and Lease.

Startup Costs for Aaron’s Sales and Lease Franchising Business

To date, the company now plans to expand its market in other parts of the world like Canada and Europe. So if you’re interested, the total investment cost ranges from $233,700 to $602,980 and a franchising fee that ranges from $15,000 to $50,000.

For Royalty fee, the company usually asks around six percent of the franchise’s annual profit. If you can’t pay for the initial capital, the company offers financing through SunTrust Bank.

Your Expected Return from a Aaron’s Sales and Lease

With the best products and terms, you can always be assured of good profit once you engaged in Aaron’s Sales and Lease. Another good thing about the company is its business mindset, instead of lowering profit projections for the coming years; the company actually said that it will raise the bar high for its profits.

The company has posted a yearly growth of 14.3 percent, a rather high number for such business. Aaron’s sales have reach to more than $1.5 billion and a yearly growth of 12.7 percent.

Also, the rent-to-own concept makes it good for people who are unable to get good loans from banks and other credit providers.

Training and other Supports from Aaron’s Sales and Lease

The Company offers supports such as the international franchise group, site selection and lease negotiation assistance. It also has a field training and evaluation for your employees. Aaron also has a central data processing for the entire franchises inventory to be organized.



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