Starting your own Great Clips Care Salon Franchise

Great Clips Care Salon is a business opportunity specially designed for businessmen who want to have a good professional career in a manager-run-type business location. This is also good for people who want to have a business that is cash-based and had no receivables.

Great Clips Inc. gives qualified businessmen a world-class hair-styling service that only a business leader can give. Since 1982, the company has become the point of reference for most of the Americans who want great haircuts and hair style. To date, Great Clips is the biggest and most popular brand in terms of hair care and hair solutions.

Requirements: Great clips salons are located in the most convenient places all throughout the US and Canada, which makes it a lot easier in completing the necessary requirements. No previous business experience is needed in Great clips franchising since it is low-risk and easy to handle. All you need to have is the capital outlay that will help you finance the business in the initial weeks of operations.

Startup Costs: The startup cost for one Great clips franchise may range from $109,000 to $202,500. The equipment needed in the salon may not be included when you pay the $20,000 franchising fee. Once you sign the contract, you’ll have a full 10-year operational assistance from the company, which is renewable if you wish to continue with the franchise.

Return of Investment: With more than 300 lucrative business locations, investing your money with Great Clips is one sure way of doing business. The return of investment will be acquired in no time. This is made possible by the company’s no-reservation policy. This scheme gives people, who are busy, an option to just drop by the store and get a hair cut. The company also caters all kinds of people, from young ones to old, and ladies to men.

Training and Support: The training for you and your employees will be available once you have signed the contract with the company. It will be available in the headquarters of Great Clips for a period of five days. The training will include management skills development and hairstyling technique, which makes the company the number one destination when it comes to hair-styling and haircuts.

It also has local training centers that are available once you contact the company. It also has a free startup training program for first-time franchisees.

Marketing and Advertising: One of the most common advertising tools that Great Clips utilizes is the use of broadcast media, both national and local. This style of advertising is one sure way of having your business known to the people in your respective areas. Brochures and grand opening are also used for a better approach to the franchise. The company now ranked number 60 in the US’s fastest growing business franchise. So why settle for less when you can have one of the best franchises in the continent.


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