Sign-A-Rama Franchising Business

Since Sign-A-Rama started franchising, it has also brought to the world the free idea of having an automated graphic design printing business, which is run predominantly by the best craftspeople in the market today. What are the franchise requirements to buy a Sign-A-Rama printing business?

One of the most common requirements that the company asks for a possible franchisee is financial capacity to own a business.

The company requires its franchisees with a minimum net worth of $60,000 in order to pay for the franchise cost of Sign-A-Rama. Other requirements include previous business experience, though a minimal experience in the field is required.

Aside from the financial qualification, you also have to pass the psychological test that the company will conduct.

How much is the total franchise cost for one Sign-A-Rama store? The total cash investment of a franchise will cost around $8,000. The total investment, on the other hand, will sum up to $150,000 which already includes the printing equipment and building requirements.

What else do I need? After qualifying as a franchisee, you’ll need to pay the franchising fee of $42,500 and the on-going royalty fee of six percent annually. The franchising fee will include the training and support system for your startup business.

Another thing that you’ll need is a good business location that can accommodate up to four full-time positions for your employees. You’ll also have to meet the minimum floor space requirement of 2,000 square foot in order to fit the printing equipment and still have enough space for the costumers to move freely.

In terms of business location, the company preferred you to have a strip center type of business for a more convenient and easy to maintain store.

The advertising will be taken cared by the mother company. The franchise advertising will not be a burden for you once you sign a deal with the international franchise association.

Other support includes lease and site location analysis for you to have a good start in the franchising business.

Exclusive territories are also available should you wish to have more than one franchise or location monopoly for a more profitable business venture. However, the size of a particular territory will depend on the number of people in the market.

Since it is an international company, Sing-A-Rama allows absentee ownership for businessmen who wish to have business in other countries.


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