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Do you want to be in business for yourself but you’re not alone? You can take advantage of an established franchise company and learn about their brand recognition, support, on-going training, national advertising, accounting, customer service, merchandising, design, construction, and site selection.

Starting your own Glamour Secrets Franchise is the best way to go and we can guide you here.

Glamour Secrets is a one-stop beauty retail boutique combining a tremendous variety of many beauty products and even with a full-service salon compliment. The company provides various beauty products at competitive prices where consumers find in carefully selected retail locations with high visibility. The Glamour Secrets Franchise today creates an exciting opportunity for you to grab this consumer demand for cosmetic and styling.

Glamour Secrets Franchise Business Guide

Glamour Secrets has a comprehensive franchise program. This is composed of:

  • Real Estate and Site Selection – Glamour Secrets is always well known to be located at the nearby malls where it is visible with its retail locations. An ideal site is selected to work for you in high standards.
  • Lease Negotiation – on the franchisee’s behalf, the company will be the one to engage in lease negotiations. This would give you the competitive advantage compared to other franchises that must have direct lease contracts with retail centers.
  • Store Design and Construction – Glamour Secrets Construction Department would coordinate the initial store design. They would also supervise and control the construction to maintain rigorous and exacting design and standard of each store.
  • Complete Training/Ongoing Assistance – you need to undergo intensive training for three weeks to cover all the aspects of the business franchise.
  • Purchasing Power/Vendor Relationships – there are pre-existing relationships of the brand name.
  • Market Research and Development – the company has the ability to tap the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Glamour Secrets Franchise Business License

Every Glamour Secrets Franchise license has been tested for great success. From initial meeting, financing, store construction to merchandising and training, everything is already proven including the following:

  • Growing brand name recognition
  • High visible locations
  • Tremendous quality, variety, and sought after products
  • Demand keeps growing, recession proof business
  • Beauty is the fastest growing and largest growing industries worldwide
  • Friendly, inviting, warm, and beautiful retail environment
  • Very high retention rate and customer repeat
  • Stores receive powerful regional and national advertising
  • Inventory, purchasing, and operational systems successful and tested
  • Excellent initial as well as ongoing training and support
  • Ongoing head office research
  • Best practices in customer advice and service

Remember that Glamour Secrets is retailing more than 5,000 brand names and premium salon quality products such as Matrix, Rusk, Redken, Sebastien, OPI, and Wella. To know more about the company, check out their official website and franchise brochure.


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