Buy Interstate All Battery Center Franchise

Investing in the Interstate All Battery Center franchise can be one of the best decisions that you can make. Aside from the great battery market in the world now, you will also be guaranteed that customers will be satisfied with their quality products.

If supplying replacement battery is your interest and you want to have a business, then you have to invest and expect great returns with Interstate All Battery Center.

The requirement to buy Interstate All Battery Center franchise is just easy and affordable. You just have to invest $30,000 for the franchise fee and $158,000 to $265,000 for the total investment. The royalty fee is only 5% every year. For the term of agreement, you have to transact personally with the franchise owners.

Portable power is the expertise of this amazing company that is growing fast through franchises. Many people choose to invest in this company because they know that the future of being wireless is all about power that you can store and carry anywhere. Right now, the Interstate All Battery Center is the top providers of automotive replacement battery in the United States. They are part of the Interstate Batteries Company as a division and they have already earned the pride of being a leader into the all-battery market with $73 billion. This proves that this industry can be a great opportunity for retail-minded entrepreneurs because of the fact that there is an average of 21 battery-operated devices in every home in the country. We are also aware that the handheld electronic devices, such as cell phones and iPods, are booming in the market. At present, Interstate All Battery centers are scattered in different locations having 159 centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Canada.

With the introduction of the company alone, you will be convinced that this is the right company to invest in. But that is not enough because here are other reasons why you should buy this company’s franchise and have your own center. They have recorded more than $1,000,000 average sales per unit. An estimated growth rate of 7% every year is estimated knowing the big $73 billion global market for battery. The company has been hailed one of the Top 50 Franchises of 2008 for franchisee satisfaction by the Franchise Business Review. In this recognition, they are proud to be in the number 16 spot. For 50 years of being in the battery industry, they have already built one of the strongest and most respected business models. In the field of owning company stores, this industry has become a leader having 98% customer satisfaction. They are the only franchise based on all-battery products with well-known national brands. They are earning in two ways which is retail and sales and commercial sales. They can guarantee excellent quality of products with competitive prices. You will see more advantages once you have already invested in this great industry. Visit their site and start investing now!


  • swatibell said on March 11, 2013
  • Bheki said on July 16, 2013
    My business is at Manzini, Swaziland. I am interested in opening a business for repairing and selling car batteries, UPS inverters and ect. I have an experience in teaching basic electronics. There is a great opportunity for success for this business.
  • Aaron said on January 27, 2018
    Hi my problem is one how to find old lead battery cheap around Newcastle location please by
  • Aaron said on January 27, 2018
    Hi I look for Old lead battery to start small battery reconditioning at home on my part time at KZN Newcastle location bye


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