Famous Dave’s Franchise Information

Famous Dave’s has always been synonymous with the most delicious barbecues. Want to find out how you can acquire a franchise unit? Read on and we’ve got detailed Famous Dave’s franchise information for you here.

With more than 160 stores in at least 35 states within the country, anyone can safely assume that Famous Dave’s is definitely the number 1 barbecue restaurant in the United States.

All these years, Famous Dave’s have been well-known and well-loved by consumers for their Georgia-style chopped pork, St. Louis ribs and Texas brisket. As part of their way to maintain quality control for all their stores and units, Famous Dave’s handles the distribution of barbecue sauces, seasonings and meats and even makes these same products available at most grocery stores and many other outlets throughout the country.

Their specialty, however, remains to be the casual dining atmosphere that they have managed to retain these past many years. The key for them is to provide high quality service, a relaxed ambiance and, of course, the flavorful meals they have always been identified with. Most costumers who get interested with them are those who want to try dining with a twist or a different experience with other restaurants that they may have previously visited. These customers leave the place very satisfied and always wanting to return for more.

Twenty five years can really be a long time for any restaurant but this is how long Famous Dave’s has been around. As it appears, they will only continue to grow as more and more people crave for their delicious barbecues. The reports alone attest to the fact of their potential since Famous Dave’s only owns 40 restaurants and the rest are owned by franchisees already. Also, they are consistent when it comes to topping franchise charts and statistics.

Another secret for them is that they require all of their franchisees to first have experience in multi-unit development. If that is not the case, then there is always the possibility that the franchise application for franchise will be denied. This is one of the things that they strictly implement for the reason that they want each unit to have the attention that it deserves. This way, they can remain financially strong even in the middle of the economic crisis that has had its effects felt worldwide. For example, if they observe that some sites are underperforming, they will instead opt to close that than to keep it going without benefiting franchisees.

Famous Dave’s franchise information are often found online and interested investors may get in touch with them anytime through phone, email or even through their official website. 75 employees from the publicly-held company function as franchisors while there are also 3 employees assigned in the franchise department to take care of any inquiries for Famous Dave’s franchise information. Once the franchise application has been approved, prepare for extensive training with their representatives and to receive newsletters and attending meetings. Getting evaluations from Famous Dave’s representatives are also held regularly just to check and make sure that the business is running smoothly for the franchisee. Obviously, these are also perfect opportunities to ask questions and receive further instructions. To be part of Famous Dave’s, the total investment is about $972,700-$4,000,000 and the initial franchise fee is $40,000, the qualifications are minimum liquid net worth of $750,000 and minimum per unit development costs is ranging from $900,000 to $4,000,000.


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